See section 7.4 for DMCCB organizational details.

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Core members: 

Optional Members (involved when topics require their expertise):

  • Pipelines Scientist
  • Science Pipelines Architect
  • T/CAMs or delegates


  • Determine when deliverables (controlled documents and software) are of sufficient maturity and quality to be baselined (placed under configuration controlled status) or released.
  • Review and approve/reject proposed changes to baselined items - any LCR must go through the DMCCB
  • Review and approve/reject proposed changes to the planned releases and their content
  • Review  all RFCs and approves ’flagged ’ RFCs
  • Monitor DM Jira issues status (in support to the monitoring activity done by J.Swinbank )
  • Ensure that the DM Technical Baseline (LDM-xxx) documents  follow  LSST and DM configuration control processes
  • Monitor and approve  DM software releases


Every Wednesday 9.00 AM Pacific.

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