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From 9.00 to 09.30 PT, Wednesday, March the 27th.



DMCCB Meeting Goals

  • See DMCCB responsibilities listed in LDM-294 section 7.4

Discussion Items

ItemDescriptionCCB Notes

Flagged RFCs

(To be approved by the DMCCB)

RFC-581 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-584 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-588 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • RFC-581: Kian-Tat Lim still need to do some cleaning
  • RFC-584:
    • Everybody agree with the actual environment upgrade, RFC set to "Board Recommend"
    • John Swinbank suggest to use the conda env as source of true
    • Tim Jenness conda environment need to be RFC before changes, but including (EUPS) 3rd party package, that now change quite a lot, this requires a quicker approach
      • Minor updates on some packages could be done without explicit CCB approval
    • Tim Jenness to announce the new conda env when available

Proposed RFCs

(to review, do not require DMCCB approval)

RFC-583 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-585 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-587 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • RFC-583 shall be withdraw, once the new conda env is out, everybody can use the numba package at the latest version
    • Unknown User (gcomoretto) to check that numba install in the new conda environment (RFC-584, in linux) and comment on RFC-583
  • RFC-587: John Swinbank point out that this RFC need to escalate, status set to flagged
  • RFC-585: no actions to be taken by the board

Adopted RFCs without Triggering issues

(to create implementing DM issues)


Adopted RFCs with all triggered work COMPLETED

(to set status as 'IMPLEMENTED')


RFCs adopted since last CCB

(to review, no action required)

RFC-582 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFCs implemented since last CCB

(to review, no action required)

RFC-580 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-579 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFC-582 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Changes to the planned releases
  • 18.0 Release to be planned
  • John Swinbank commented that previous minutes is confusing: do 18.0 in 3 months but at the same time we go on feature releases
    • this is because we still had no time to plan releases based on features.
    • Kian-Tat Lim commented that feature based releases should be more frequent, instead of less.
    • Tim Jenness says we are already delaying releases, in order to get feature in it, this means we are already doing releases based on feature.
    • John Swinbank would like to see a document that describes the polices behind releases: Leannes document should be that document (LDM-672)
      • John Swinbank suggestion is to have a release each 3 months until LDM-672 is not ready.
      • This is in line with the plan to do 18.0 3 months after 17.0

Monitor Jira issues status:

  • the most forgotten 10 DM issues
    • (resolution = Unresolved ORDER by updated asc)

Support to J. Swinbank monitoring activity

  1. DM-2369 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. DM-2368 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. DM-2220 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. DM-1970 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. DM-1681 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. DM-1686 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. DM-1689 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  8. DM-932 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. DM-1401 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  10. DM-820 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3827 unresolved issues (3819 on March. the 20th)

  • Pre-meeting comments from John Swinbank :
    • DM-2369 and DM-2368 are valid issues but with a relatively low priority. 2368 is blocked by DM-1014 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which requires action from Robert Lupton, but is unlikely to be a high priority for him & the SST.
    • DM-932 is a configuration system issue, which is nominally a DAX problem so I've assigned it appropriately. However, this issue seems low priority, and I do not expect them to work on it soon.
    • I closed all the other issues before the meeting.

  • Should the DMCCB not be considering the RFC _after_ the triggered tickets have been created, rather than before?

  • Having related issues is already a way to document the RFC proposal
    • After a short discussion, everybody agree that the board can ask for triggered issues to be open before approving the RFC
    • Tim Jenness to clarify in the Developer Guide that the DM-CCB can ask triggered issues can be opened on an RFC before approving it.

Pending Flagged RFCs

Key Summary

Pending Proposed RFCs

Key Summary

Oldest issues

Key Summary

Meeting outcome

Pending DMCCB Actions

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Leanne Guy look at RFC-911, RFC-938, RFC-977 and RFC-970 since they may be completed already.  
24 Jan 2024Leanne GuyDMCCB#187 (2024 - 01 - 17)