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From 9.00 to 09.30 PT, Wednesday, June the 26th.



DMCCB Meeting Goals

      • See DMCCB responsibilities listed in LDM-294 section 7.4

DMCCB Additional Resources

Discussion Items

ItemDescriptionCCB Notes

Flagged RFCs

(To be approved by the DMCCB)

RFC-604 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/20/2019

RFC-602 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/20/2019

RFC-593 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/15/2019

RFC-606 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/30/2019

  • RFC-604 and 602 documents on the master branch
    • Kian-Tat Lim  says requirements should be good for now, but they may be improved in the future
      • Leanne Guy and All DM-CCB to check the documents in RFC-604 and RFC-602  
      • Unknown User (gcomoretto) board recommend and issue the document once Leanne's action (on RFC-604 and RFC-602) is done 
  • RFC-593, discussion postponed to next DM-CCB 
  • RFC-606: all CCB agree that this is fine, status changed to Board Recommend
Board Recommended RFCs

RFC-601 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/07/2019

Adopted but not implemented LDM RFCs (only document RFCs)


Proposed RFCs

(to review, do not require DMCCB approval)

RFC-605 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/26/2019

RFC-600 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/29/2019

RFC-585 - Getting issue details... STATUS Planned end: Jun/14/2019

  • RFC-605: John Swinbankthinks that the RFC needs to be better understood.
    • Wil O'Mullane flag this RFC and add a comment to address the discussion
  • RFC-600: Leanne Guy says that the RFC has been discussed and the LCR is ready to be pushed to project CCB
  • RFC-585: there is an action on Leanne Guy to discuss this with DESC in 2 weeks. End date to be moved forward

Adopted RFCs without Triggering issues

(to create implementing DM issues)

RFC-599 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Adopted RFCs with all triggered work COMPLETED

(to set status as 'IMPLEMENTED')


RFCs adopted since last CCB

(to review, no action required)

RFC-603 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RFCs implemented since last CCB

(to review, no action required)

RFC-213 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Changes to the planned releases
  • 18.0 Release status
    • First Release Candidate based on w_2019_23 now available and under test
  • DM-19147 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • rc1 seems OK
  • Ready to prepare Characterization report
  • Release note to be done

Monitor Jira issues status:

  • the most forgotten 10 DM issues
    • (resolution = Unresolved ORDER by updated asc)

Support to J. Swinbank monitoring activity

  1. DM-5032 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. DM-5081 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. DM-5078 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. DM-5083 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. DM-5134 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. DM-3186 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. DM-3188 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  8. DM-3189 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. DM-1563 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  10. DM-861 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3960 unresolved issues (4055 on June the 12th)

John Swinbank commentary:

  • DM-5032: won't fix.
  • DM-5081: valid; easy enough; not high priority.
  • DM-5078: wonder if we can eliminate PcaPsf; asked on the ticket.
    • Answer is yes; closed as “won't fix” and filed PIPE-31.
  • DM-5083: others (at least Unknown User (gcomoretto) &Kian-Tat Lim, I suspect) know better than I if this is relevant; KTL commented on the issue that this is low priority.
  • DM-5134 is done.
  • Others are all Qserv issues.
    • Unknown User (gcomoretto), would it be worth pinging the relevant T/CAMs before the CCB meets, so that Fritz Mueller  (in this case) has a chance to respond to these issues before we discuss them?

Fritz Mueller commentary:

  • DM-3186, DM-3188, DM-3189, DM-1563, and DM-861 are all to do with potential improvements to the Qserv integration test suites.  These are / may be valid and desirable improvements, but they are lower priority than finishing up features (e.g. ingest, multi-czar, and user-generated products support).  These are all already attached to epic DM-4828 ("Qserv Integration Test Improvements") which will be scheduled as time/priorities permit.
Open Actions


Next DM-CCB 

July the 3rd no DM-CCB

July the 10th, meeting to be run by Kian-Tat Lim

Pending Flagged RFCs

Key Summary

Pending Proposed RFCs

Key Summary

Oldest issues

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Meeting outcome

Pending DMCCB Actions

Task report

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