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Discussion items


ItemWhoPre-Meeting NotesNotes and  Action Items
Technical support for brokers during commissioningAll

PREOPS-3254 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See 2022-04-11 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes: Follow up on Alert Distribution handover to Ops & Descoping the AFS

Early draft for discussion: https://rtn-010.lsst.io/v/PREOPS-3254/index.html

  • We have no formal requirements to verify the functioning of the Brokers, nor are we required to commission them,  so we will refer to the activities to get Brokers ready as "integration" activities, not "commissioning"
  • We will send only data that can be made immediately public to Brokers during the integration activities. This reflects how they will work in Operations. This also effectively means that we will have to use alerts based on simulated or precursor data during the integration period.
  • We will create alerts from the DC2 / DP0.2 data set for the purposes of integration testing. This is the easiest option for getting alerts quickly and provides a complimentary set of alerts to the DP0.2 dataset. This will also allow the CST to start to develop about workflows for time domain analyses that sit on the intersection between alerts and a data release. 
  • Science validation of Brokers will need to be defined with the Brokers. 
  • We do not expect to have alerts based on LSSTCam data before System First Light, but they could arrive anytime after SFL. 
  • Have an alert distribution system in place that needs to be updated, many column changes, etc. Not sure it is functioning at the moment. 
  • Testing the interface with the Brokers 
    • For stress testing, it would also be beneficial to set up dedicated campaigns rather than just an alert stream that is always running 
    • RD concerns:
      • always harder to fill the pipe than you think + self-inflicted egress problems. Everything takes longer that one thinks
      • want to find problems early to address them in good time. 
    • 17Gbps (all brokers total) out the front door will not be a problem 
    • We will start internal load testing without Brokers, then move to end-to-end testing with the Brokers in the loop
    • Hardware at SLAC - were some discussions, none since. Doable for all Brokers if they want it. 
  • Eric Bellm Leanne Guy discuss with Broker teams what it means to scientifically validate a Broker.   2024-02-26: Only way to validate scientifically is to use real data. Engage SP-CST to produce tutorials/examples in collaboration with Brokers. Work with SP-CST to assist. Also ties in with nightly reports.  
Interactions with ANTARES for LSST AFS during commissioning

DM-38805 - Getting issue details... STATUS

draft for discussion: https://dmtn-226.lsst.io/v/DM-38805/index.html

  • The Rubin AFS will be provided by ANTARES. Strategy is in dmtn-226 and a memo will be made to announce it formally. 
  • The ANTARES-provided Rubin AFS must be commissioned and verified by Rubin during the commissioning period.
  • We will verify the filtering by creating real filters (20 in ANTARES to work with Rubin alerts. Do not need to be the final science filters for testing. 
  • Number of simultaneous users not relevant in the kafka world especially without a latency requirement, it's just – how many filters are loaded and how are they running. 
  • Portal requirements on interfaces to the AFS could be descoped or just claimed via ANTARES/AFS 

  • Leanne Guy  talk to Gregory Dubois-Felsmann to review the original intent of the AFS-related Portal requirements before deciding on a course of action  

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List of SST tasks (Confluence)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Robert Lupton Clarify the meaning of time in the object table. 1 sentence description in sdm_schemas, can link to a short DMTN.  Update 2022-02-09: Meeting to resolve this on 2022-02-21  
28 Feb 2022Robert Lupton2018-11-05 DM SST F2F Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann check if SDM standardization is adequately represented in project documents, and whether DMTN-067 should be required.
31 Mar 2022Gregory Dubois-Felsmann2022-02-14 DM-SST Virtual F2F Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Steve Ritz Work with DM and Camera to develop plans for delivering a shutter position-vs-time model  
16 May 2022Steve Ritz2022-03-14 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  / Leanne Guy Create a TN that outlines the science use cases and options for compressed PVIs from AP. Present the issue at DMLT VF2F and then the PST.   
13 Jun 2022Gregory Dubois-Felsmann2022-05-09 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Eli Rykoff Report on what information DES used for their decision on using compression?  
25 Jul 2022Eli Rykoff2022-06-06 DM-SST VF2F Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Melissa Graham to draft a proposal for including pz in alert packets  
12 Sep 2022Melissa Graham2022-08-15 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
26 Sep 2022Steve Ritz2022-09-12 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  start a technote to write down the details for science end user interface to SED corrections in catalogs  
31 Oct 2022Gregory Dubois-Felsmann2022-08-22 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
31 Dec 2022Leanne Guy2022-06-06 DM-SST VF2F Agenda and Meeting notes
28 Feb 2023Leanne Guy2023-01-23 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Leanne Guy talk to Steve R about presenting plans for the ShearObject table to PST and SciCollab chairs   
20 Mar 2023Leanne Guy2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
31 Mar 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Leanne Guy  talk to Gregory Dubois-Felsmann to review the original intent of the AFS-related Portal requirements before deciding on a course of action  
29 May 2023Leanne Guy2023-05-01 DM-SST Focus Meeting - Brokers in Commissioning
  • Leanne Guy Prepare to consult the PST on the question of providing compressed PVIs for AP outputs, to cover the period before the data become available in a DR.  
02 Jun 2023Leanne Guy2023-03-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch Incorporate 30-60 day period for raws on disk into the strawman proposal and present to KT  
26 Jun 2023Jim Bosch2023-05-08 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Parker Fagrelius Patrick Ingraham  how long will it take to do a scan as described? No need to scan the whole WL range but will require additional points outside nominal lambda range.  
30 Jun 2023Parker Fagrelius2023-03-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
31 Jul 2023Colin Slater2023-07-10 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Eli Rykoff , Leanne Guy  Develop a proposal for what calibration processing, hardware, data we actually need and what will be needed for DR1. This has implications for the ORR and for prioritisation of work in commissioning  
31 Jul 2023Eli Rykoff2023-01-30 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Yusra AlSayyad will look to see if there is any effort to help on option 1  
28 Aug 2023Yusra AlSayyad2023-08-14 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch  Provide a physical example of that a  up on cell table would look like fo the Colin Slater / DAX team to review  
31 Aug 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes