Each T/CAM will have dependencies of their milestones on others.  Where possible, such milestones should be identified and linked in JIRA.   Where the desired milestone doesn't exist or might exist but is unclear, an entry should be made on the appropriate page below.  Each entry should contain the JIRA DLP issue that depends on something in the WBS and what feature or functionality it depends on.

DRP anticipates that significant amounts of cross-WBS time will be required for:

  • Unit test auditing & improvement
  • API Pythonification
  • Package reorganization

We have not explicitly accounted for this in the DRP plan pending input from project engineering/system architecture on how they want to handle this.

Dependencies outside DM

IssueDM team impactedRequirement
DLP-88 - Getting issue details... STATUS DRPBelievable simulated atmospheric PSFs from PhoSim.

DM-2181 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-2182 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Data Access & DBEFD structure from Telescope & Site team.
 DRPWavefront reconstruction code from the Telescope & Site group, required for PSF modelling.
 DRPCamera metrology ("the laboratory or on-sky measurement of z offsets of individual sensors"), required for PSF modelling.
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