02C.03.01 Single Frame Processing Pipelines

Request fromRelevant issuesTarget cycleDescription
DRP DLP-496 - Getting issue details... STATUS W16CalibrateTask rewrite should be spread across 02C.03.01 & 02C.04.03. Likely we want duplicate meta-epics and a single milestone in 02C to represent this.
DRP-S16(?)The image coaddition pipeline (02C.04.04) relies on the single frame pipeline to perform relative astrometric calibration of images prior to coaddition. (I assume that single-frame processing in turn relies on meas_simastrom.)
SUI DLP-203 - Getting issue details... STATUS S15SUI needs to make sure that we can display image generated. Please supply the sample data produced.
SUI DLP-201 - Getting issue details... STATUS S16Sample data produced.

02C.03.02 Association Pipeline

02C.03.03 Alert Generation Pipeline

Request fromRelevant issuesTarget cycleDescription
SUI DLP-241 - Getting issue details... STATUS S16We need to understand the alert generation when we do the design for alert subscription toolkit.

02C.03.04 Image Differencing Pipeline

Request fromRelevant issuesTarget cycleDescription
DRP DLP-726 - Getting issue details... STATUS S17We require the ability to measure high-quality (to be defined...) fluxes on difference images.

02C.03.05 Application Framework for Exposures 

02C.03.06 Moving Object Pipelines

02C.03.07 Photometric Calibration Pipeline

02C.03.08 Astrometric Calibration Pipeline

02C.06.01 Data Access and Database

Request fromRelevant issuesTarget cycleDescription
DB team DM-2036 - Getting issue details... STATUS S17DB team will be building a prototype L1 database. Someone familiar with Alert Production software should be involved to make sure the prototype meets Alert Production software needs.
DB team DM-4261 - Getting issue details... STATUS S18We need to integrate L1 database with the Alert Production software

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