02C.07.01.01 Data Management Control System

02C.07.01.02 Orchestration Manager

02C. Pipeline Construction Toolkit

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DRP W16It should be possible for configuration to vary by filter (as well as by camera, as at present).

DLP-496 - Getting issue details... STATUS DM-3144 - Getting issue details... STATUS

W16DRP is prioritizing a re-write of the top-level pipeline tasks. This is a priority as we are incurring technical debt in terms of inconsistent interfaces, configurations and outputs as we merge from HSC through S15. We would like to take this opportunity to update these tasks to address known issues with the configuration system, as described, for example, in DM-3144.

02C. Logging Services

02C. Inter-Process Messaging Services

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DLP-713 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DLP-483 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Detailed pipeline parallelization and distribution systems.

We anticipate that the middleware ported from HSC (see short term requirements description, RFC-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-2983 - Getting issue details... STATUS ), or equivalent home-grown LSST functionality, will provide adequate parallelization and distribution capabilities for the next 2-3 years of development. However, we do not imagine that this middleware will be deployed into production. Instead, production pipeline topology will depend on the results of ongoing and upcoming algorithmic development as well as hardware procurement and the processing control middleware capabilities which will be developed as part of 02C.07.

We foresee the definition of this system as being the result of continued discussion between the interested parties. DRP will stand ready to provide input to these discussions in the form of descriptions of potential processing topologies that suit our algorithmic requirements, with the level of detail and confidence increasing with time, culminating in the finalized interfaces described in DLP-523 and DLP-483.

AP DLP-263 - Getting issue details... STATUS S16The full focalplane background modeling will need access to the scatter/gather APIs.

02C. Checkpoint/Restart Services

02C.07.02.01 Event Services

02C.07.02.02 Security and Access Control Services

  • DM-2512 - Getting issue details... STATUS  needs authentication system

02C.07.02.03 Dashboard and Performance Visualizations

02C.07.02.04 System Administration and Operations Services

02C.07.02.05 File System Services

02C.07.02.06 VO Interfaces (Authentication-Related)

02C.07.03.01 Software Development Tools (Non-SQuaRE)

02C.07.03.02 Camera DAQ Test Bed

02C.07.03.03 Telescope/OCS Interfaces Test Bed

02C.07.04.01 Archive Center Infrastructure

02C.07.04.02 US Data Access Center Infrastructure

02C.07.04.03 Base Center Infrastructure (Hardware Procurement)

02C.07.04.04 Chilean DAC Infrastructure (Hardware Procurement)

02C.07.04.05 Development and Integration Infrastructure

02C.07.04.06 Archive Site External Network

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