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Notes from the previous meeting

Discussion items

(tick)Project news
  • new news from DMLT
  • PCW2022: everyone is encouraged to get registered
  • DMLT Face-to-Face: next week, an update on the current status of APDB/PPDB is expected. Fritz Mueller will need help to prepare a report.
  • Epic S22 is dead, change of cycle this morning. It's been replaced by F22.



Igor Gaponenko: on the status of processing and ingesting the remaining tables into Qserv

  • The table Source  (over 1.6 million contributions) has been successfully ingested into the "small" cluster.
  • The table ForcedSource  has (almost) ingested into the "small" cluster. In total, 12 out of 16021 contributions failed to be ingested (HTTP protocol error 18 when pulling contributions from GCS). These contributions will be retried. The table has nearly 30 TB. The contribution files are rather large. Some have many GBs.
  • Other tables will be ingested later.
  • Ran into a number of limitations of the R-I system. Most have been addressed in:

Colin Slater: on priorities of the ingests into IDF:

  • first, we need the tables Visit , CcdVisit and all 3 Dia* tables.
  • the large tables Source  and ForcedSource  could be ingested later

On priorities:

  • get the PR of DM-28626 reviewed by the end of the day tomorrow
  • get this new code deployed in IDF (qserv-int)
  • start ingesting the high-priority tables mentioned above

Fritz Mueller: on the status of the IVOA tables (schema, data, ...):

  • integration test in IDF was conducted last Friday
  • ObsCore schema has been published in the TAP service in IDF
  • we have a new (bigger) version of the ObsCore table (data) to replace what we have in the catalog ivoa  in IDF. There is a new schema too. It's on GitHub. Fritz Mueller will send a link to Igor Gaponenko. The input data will be available later.
  • improved SciSql UDF is ready. It will be deployed in the new version of the MariaDB container
    • Igor Gaponenko: it would be nice to come up with a better naming convention  
(tick)Large scale tests of Qserv and the Replication/INgest systemteam

Qserv at USDF:

  • 15 workers, 32 TB of the usable NVMe-based storage per worker.
    • Fritz Mueller: potentially, the cluster could be increased in size next year. This still needs to be discussed (justified).
  • availability time - sometimes this Fall
  • R&D for the DAX team and the warm-up of the USDF team in caring of Qserv
  • maybe also used for hosting the ComCam  catalog data (DC1).

Large-scale catalogs for testing in USDF:

  • KPM50-like catalog
  • DP02
  • maybe DC1 (ComCam)

IDF could be also dramatically increased in size should this decision be justified

Action items

  • TBC