This page covers the work of the Vera Rubin Observatory Data Access and Database Team (nicknamed "DAX").

We are a development sub-team of the Vera Rubin Observatory Data Management Team (see parent pages), located at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (B050 3rd floor NW), leveraging experience with scientific data management, distributed-systems, and databases at scale in support of the Observatory mission.

The DAX team currently consists of (alphabetically):

  • Igor Gaponenko
  • John Gates
  • Andy Hanushevsky
  • Fabrice Jammes (IN2P3)
  • Fritz Mueller (manager)
  • Nate Pease
  • Andy Salnikov

We are advised in scientific capacity by:

  • Colin Slater (UW)

...who is also the designated Product Owner for major DAX deliverables to the Observatory.


Some of the things the team is working on, that merit their own page trees:

  • Qserv, a distributed relational database system intended to serve the LSST survey catalogs at scale
  • Alert Production Database (APDB), a high performance database used to support LSST alert production


Online meetings:

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