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PCW: please, get registered. The registration page:

An idea of having a DM meeting in Chile is being discussed by the management. No specific info on the date or the probability of this venue yet.

Progress on topics discussed at the previous meeting Database Meeting 2022-05-11team 

Igor Gaponenko: to report on the status and obstacles

Andy Hanushevsky : commented on pq2csv:

  • The Parquet files have the schema, including the NULL  requirements for select columns
  • Apparently, there is a bug in the tool that needs to be investigated
  • Error reporting for incorrect input schema needs to be improved to report the incorrectly configured columns

Igor Gaponenko will provide Andy Hanushevsky with a sample Parquet file (DP02 table Source) and the schema file for further investigation

Andy Hanushevsky: the NULL option for the columns needs to be documented in the LSST documentation for schemas

Fritz Mueller: how are we going to ingest the catalog into qserv-prod?

  • Igor Gaponenko: it will take a few hours after all intermediate data products ( CSV  files will be ready and deployed ).

Fritz Mueller : on geometry optimization (table ObsCore)

  • this has been tested and working. The tables can be ingested into Qserv, and Qserv can process the optimized queries. 
  • proposed changes for Qserv query analyzer/optimized  treating ADQL queries involving these tables


Moved into the Slack forums.

Development & Qserv infrastructure at SLAC

Igor Gaponenko: to report on the last round of negotiation with Yee

  • preliminarily agreement on the following configuration of workers: 2U server, single-socket CPU 32C/64HT, 256 GB, 24 disk slots, 12 slots will be populated with NVMe drives of 3.5 GB each. So the total amount of the raw storage per worker would be 42 TB. The usable amount after setting up RAID would be 2 drives less.

Fritz Mueller: any news on the development machines?

(tick)Status of qserv-operator  and qserv-ingest 

Why two versions of the integration tests?

  • The qserv-ingest is meant for testing the Kubernetes-based ingest framework. At the end of the ingest workflow the result validation test based on DB Bench is being run. It's used for various purposes, including performance.
  • The qserv itest is meant for testing Qserv in the Docker compose environment.

Are we going to merge both packages into qserv? What implications of this move we should expect?

(tick)Improving error reporting in Qserv


  • DM-34464 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • There are still uncertainties about what needs to be retained in the persistent state (new table qservmeta.QMessages. How many details we should retain?
  • What needs to be done in the long term to improve error reporting to users and to make it usable for Qserv data administrators?

Fritz Mueller is going to look for the use of the column code by mysql-proxy. If it's not used then we should eliminate it.

(tick)Partitioning director  and child  tablesteam


  • there is a little bit of confusion on the overlap  tables of the child  tables

Igor Gaponenko will run extensive tests and report results on the Confluence page (TBC)


Postponed till next week

Qserv in IDF fails to lock tables in the memoryteam


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