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Fritz MuellerAndy HanushevskyVaikunth ThukralUnknown User (npease)Andy SalnikovFabrice JammesJohn GatesBrian Van KlaverenIgor Gaponenko

Discussion items

Welcome Igor Gaponenko!

L1/AP Database

  • Code to instantiate an L1 database based on the proposed schema has been completed.
  • Working with this now to create a simulated data stream and populate a test database.
  • Need to talk to Serge Monkewitz to find out status of HTM indexing extension to sphgeom.


  • Swarm/OpenStack bug found: need to shutdown VMs before snapshotting, not just wait for cloud-init completion
  • Fabrice waiting for NCSA OpenStack to come back up to finish testing of his Swarm rebase now that bug addressed
  • Fabrice working on Docker usage tech note
  • Fabrice curious about benefits of microservices.  Fritz and Brian to investigate


  • Brian is working on containerizing DAX services.  Needs full LSST stack base container, because DAX services need Butler.
    • Found some issues with scripts along the way (non-existent jre package on debian, build fails on VM <2GB RAM, etc).
    • CI is building stack images, but they are really large (2-3GB).  What is going on?  Needs to be investigated.
    • Probably we will end up with separate base containers for Qserv and DAX because Qserv has a lot fewer stack package dependencies
    • Working out how configuration for DAX service containers should best be done
  • Igor has talked with K-T and Greg to track down the SDSS Stripe82 catalog load data.  Some is at NCSA, but some also at IN2P3?
  • Igor planning to move a part of the data to IN2P3 to start experimenting with the loader script.


  • "Snail-scan" added, which will end up executing queries expected to exceed the scan period of all other scans.  Code still needed to feed this scan.
  • John is testing/validating memman changes from this week, concurrent with ongoing review.
  • John will be adding some plumbing which tracks statistics on tasks.


  • Nate has two tickets wrapping up review.  Needs to disentangle some commits, and move some work to follow-up stories.


  • Vaikunth showed some baseline graphs of memory, IO, CPU usage on an idle cluster.  Memory stats look anomalous.  Investigating
  • Tried to gather 24hr graphs under load from, but services crashed after 14hrs.  Also needs to be investigated.
  • John has added the requested query begin/end messages to qserv logging


  • Brian working on DAX API docs, has run into many tooling issues re. Sphinx and CI.  Next stage is to get it working with Travis CI.
  • Nate will be updating LDM-463 draft branch as part of his upcoming Butler commits.


  • John investigating czar-config crasher.  Looks to be related to log4cxx; need to build out-of-stack.
  • Andy H reports 4.4 release of XRootD looking likely in the next few weeks.  After this, xrdssi branch can be merged to master.
  • Andy H working on XRootD logging enhancements as well.