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Discussion items


  • see description of  DM-4616 - Getting issue details... STATUS

New crash observed

  • kernel panic on workers, triggered by deadlock on czar. Worker code run in docker containers
  • Looks like docker-related networking issue
  • Rerun test on bare-metal without containers to confirm it is docker issue

Profiling code

  • things to consider / look at:
    • gprof (for cpu), problems with profiling shared library / have to do static builds, old fashioned
    • valgrind (for memory)
    • qprof
    • profiler written for CMS by Peter Elmer
    • oprofile
    • perftools
  • Might be able to leverage xswap

Shared scans

  • planning to implement simple resource manager, plug it into existing shared scan code (written by Daniel / rewritten by John)
  • AndyH will review John's existing code
  • We want to send all queries for a given chunk to the same copy of that chunk (e.g., "primary")

    • See  DM-4617 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Next Qserv meeting

  • Due to slac-lsst holiday lunch next Wednesday, next week Qserv meeting rescheduled to Tuesday 12-3:30pm pacific