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Discussion items


  • configurable. Can access local or remote resources (or both) resouces
  • should be able to access data via RESTful or any other channels that might be available
  • must pay attention to authorization/authentication

automatic fallback if some data not available?

  • two cases: data never brought up to a given DAC - this is project policy decision. At the moment unclear if we should automatically fallback.
  • data corrupt at a given site, need to be brought from other site

running dax services continuously

  • SUI team would find it useful
  • lsst-dev used now to run dax_webserv. The machine is periodically rebooted, services have to be restarted manually
  • don't have control over the stack that is installed on lsst-dev (Bremerton setup required that particular version of stack to work)

authentication / authorization

  • same user can belong to different institutions/groups, we will need to check all access rights when determining if user can access data
  • multiple implementation of authentications: delegate/pass through or direct authentication

  • once you establish identity, move it around, don't re-authenticate

  • sui will be spinning python processes on user behalf, we will need to forward authentication token down to these processes

  • 3 tier organization: users/groups/tenants