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Ops Review, Security Plan, Report Due, Project Milestones, Joint Operations Review
William O'Mullane discussed the upcoming Ops Review and the need to prepare a slide deck due by the first. He also mentioned a security status plan that Christian would review. William noted that reports were due the following week, but he was unsure about the administrative situation. He also discussed project milestones, mentioning that outdated ones would be replaced in September. Lastly, he shared updates about a recent Joint Operations review, suggesting the possibility of more targeted meetings in the future.
Projects, Security, and Review Concerns
There were discussions about ongoing projects and reviews. William O'Mullane mentioned that there were issues with pumps that needed fixing and concerns about security probing contracts. There was also uncertainty about the status of a joint operations review, with suggestions it might be delayed until later in the year. There were also concerns about the delay in receiving reports and recommendations from a previous review conducted in August. The group agreed to continue working on their tasks without making significant changes.
Salary Discrepancies and Nighttime Support Role
William O'Mullane raised concerns about discrepancies in salary ranges for different roles within the company, particularly in relation to DevOps salaries and the compensation for a new admin role. He also mentioned the recruitment of a new Junior DevOps, Ivan, for nighttime support, who was expected to start on the 4th. There was a discussion about another potential candidate for the nighttime role. The team agreed to include Ivan's name in the notes, with his start date confirmed for March.
Support System, Solar System Project, and Challenges
The team discussed plans to change the support system on the summit, with William proposing nighttime support. There were concerns raised by Mario about the solar system project's database capabilities, with Eric and Frossie sharing their views. The team agreed to review the 2019 document to clarify real requirements. There was also a discussion about the challenges faced with the Solar System Group project, with Eric noting ambition and delays. William and Colin suggested stepping back if necessary and emphasized the need for basic elements before moving forward with more ambitious plans. William agreed to provide a detailed briefing if required.
Jira Cloud Migration Challenges Discussed
The team discussed the migration to Jira Cloud, highlighting several issues. William reported some success in migrating issues, while Robert provided an update on changes to the authentication process. Iain shared his experience, noting delays and disruptions caused by the Jira Workflow Toolbox add-on update. He expressed concerns about potential risks and questioned the support contract's efficacy. Iain Goodenow discussed the challenges encountered during a data migration project, suggesting that future migrations might involve migrating projects together to preserve links. He also mentioned an issue uncovered by Tim Jenness, but the cause remained unclear.
Upgrade, Migration, and User Issues
Iain, Frossie, Tim, and K-T Lim discussed issues related to an upgrade and subsequent user problems. The team decided to migrate projects individually, requiring sign-off from project leads, and to inform users about changes. Frossie confirmed her admin access and sought clarification on the migration process. The team identified potential issues with cloud projects and agreed to coordinate a window for remigration and set projects to read-only status. They planned to review the situation over the next few days and make a final decision next Thursday.
Cloud Jira Transition and Project Risks
There was a discussion about the transition to Cloud Jira, with Frossie expressing concern about the suddenness of the transition and the need for a firm deadline. William suggested next Friday as a possible date, but no final decision was reached. The team also discussed three projects, DM, Pre. Ops, and Rfc, acknowledging the risks involved in migrating these projects and the potential impact on other linked projects. The team agreed on the need to identify crucial projects and work on them simultaneously. There was also a discussion about potential issues with cross-linking from Confluence and Jira, prompting the team to investigate these issues and find solutions.
Cloud Migration and Redirecting Projects
The team discussed a plan to migrate a project to the cloud, with Frossie testing it first on their local system. Iain Goodenow suggested making a checkpoint of the operating system in case of any disasters. The team agreed to make the migration on Wednesday, and if any problems arise, they will be addressed on Thursday. There was also a discussion about redirecting certain projects and the potential use of add-ons. The team concluded that they would script any necessary cleaning up on the cloud.
Next steps
• William will chase the email to ensure the security status report templates are in place.
• William will bring an explicit list of project milestones for discussion next week.
• Consider having a more focused meeting on specific topics such as camera images and ISO.
• Christian will continue working on the security probing contract.
• William will document the current status for the upcoming joint operations review.
• William, Ian, and Tim will coordinate and decide on the cut over date for the Jira projects.
• Frossie will fix the team issue locally and inform Iain before proceeding.
• Robert will talk to the Obvs and Sitcom people.
• William will script any cleaning up on the cloud.
• Iain will check the IHS project with Christian.

Discussion Items

Noteslast time noone? , no notes or  myself ..
Project Updates
  • JTM - small recap -
    • question for next one (next year?)mentioned more focused meeting(s) perhaps not JTM as such
    • also more focused comcam meeting when on sky Sounds like V would support such a thing. 
    • RHL: communicate that $ for social events is important
  • Vacuum pump mixup on weekend - stop work
    • ComCam warm and safe. 
    • Pathfinder to continue perhaps next week
  • Camera SLAC - pump removed and new one installed Friday
    • still some final tidy up and cable re-connection
    • new controllers - new improved pump (Agilant) - slightly different operation
    • Solder join on ion pump also repaired 
    • RHL: If we lose an ion pump we're in trouble. It's not like the turbo pump
  • Security probe contract - still stuck
  • Security review discussion at JOG  - could now be next year. But we think it should be ASAP - so may be 2 part.  Told them after March we will be ready. Richard, Cristian will probably get the brunt of this. RD: This isn't like the embargo thing right? It's don't let another Gemini happen? WO: It IS more about DMTN-199. I hope the review doesn't conclude that we do something different, because it will cost $$$. 
  • Also the next JSRs were discussed  with ORR and construction completion, perhaps single committee for all - probably no JSR in August (Sept/Oct and will be called something else) We might have a series of other reviews leading up to ORR. They maybe want us to have digested comcam on sky, first. 
    • still no report/recs from last review
  • DEVOPs and salaries in Chile. Internal to AURA. 
    • Tiffany is the comp manager
    • discrepancies with no explanation on diffs
    • Amy used to take this on .. ask if its similar to other jobs etc.
  • Junior devops - resolved Art 22. Ivan coming on board (AURA) Another candidate is visiting (Chile) this week. 

See  #inclusion and https://www.lsst.org/about/dei

Community link: https://community.lsst.org/c/eji/45


Solar system

  • 2019 doc from Mario
  • SSSource : what are the requirements if any? (As opposed to promises made to community)
    • RFC-620 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other open issues ?

  • CTS: The query aspect has had to happen for a long time. The surprise was the idea of recomputing new values that go into the SSSource table for every observation
  • ECB: It was in the RFC. The SSSource aspect was ambitious and we can back off a little. We've been trying to get this integrated for a year now (both on the solar system pipeline side and the db side)
  • WO: If this results in us taking this requirement out, I can support that. 
  • ECB: I don't think it's at the level of requirements but the level of the APDB.
  • CTS: The ambitious stuff is less worrying once the basic stuff is done first. They get the solar system pipeline running first. 

Joint Operations Review  

  • Red Team Review (remote) - -  
    • DOCs slides due March 4.  
    • I will start the deck this week
    • DOCS will be RTN-46 and a few LDM from construction.
    • We may need security status/Plan .. Cristián Silva  - could be presentation but  doc may be good. Also for security review we will have later ..
  • JOR - at NOIRLab
    • Frossie, Tim, Yusra and I will attend
      • RIchard + replacement ??

Jira cloud

https://rubinobs.atlassian.net  The DM project is not yet available there, but you can check that you can login according to the instructions given in https://confluence.lsstcorp.org/display/IT/Jira+Cloud+User+Support  Iain Goodenow  sent email

  •  DM project is now on cloud. 
  • IG: It didn't go as I had hoped exactly. I had done some testing, AURA paid for the add-ons. When I went to do the first real test (I used DLP, and old project) the Jira workflow toolbox-addon blocked the ability to migrate. I did an emergency upgrade to our Jira. So that I could use the right version of the Jira workflow toolbox-addon. If this happened AFTER Feb 15th, would we have gotten that support?? So I migrated EVERYTHING just in case we have more problems after support ended. Now, worst case scenario our data is preserved. We can re-migrate a project. PREOPS and DM seem very coupled. Everything I've read about Jira, is that any existing links will eventually be established once the partner project is migrated too. I don't know if the Teams issue was for the Jira workflow toolbox addon:  813 to 820. (TJ: Probably since its on the local) We had to fix a bunch of email and user issues too. 
  • FE: What now? (which should we use?)  IG: I need people to sign off on the Jira Cloud version let us know on the thread on the slack channel. As soon as they do it, that becomes the official site. 
  • FE: Do I still have admin privs? IG: Yes. 
  • FE: Is there a cutoff date? How to do we migrate each nights data? IG: There's no syncing, I will delete the migration and remigrate. Note: it can take a couple hours to do each project. If something goes wrong you can delete the project and remigrate. 
  • KTL: We can review the current project in the cloud, but you'll have to remigrate and we have to pick a stable window and tell DM folks to hold off while we do the final migration.
  • TJ: We have to go all in one day, Wil, its your job to tell us when that day is. 
  • IG: I prefer this to happen before the 15th. We'll remove write access right before the final migration starts. I can also put a page up saying "go over here"
  • FE: Wil, I need a date, because all my sqrbots are going to break.
  • WO: Iain, wants us to do this this week, so how about we aim for Wednesday at 5pm PT and its ideally back by Thursday Monday. 
  • IG: Wil is going to be the leader of DM, PREOPS, RFC, SITCOM, IHS, OBS 
  • TJ: OK, we need to do somethign about links to Jira from confluence, and links to github. And what do we do about the Teams. FE: I will fix it! (locally) I think I know what happened.  IG: Let me know when so that I can make a checkpoint. 
  • WO: Austin's risk management "RM" is probably un-migrate-able. 

The monthly status report narrative for activities during January 1-31, 2024 will be needed by Thursday, February 22nd 2024.


Here is the link to the report requiring your input:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NrkxuvVnvoBZnPvBuW5SJqA686isBTXPTRJHEH9hlLU/edit?usp=drive_link


For reference, here is the last completed monthly report you can cut/paste from– January 2024: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-AZKfZCa01UprGPo9tiiXfPYr9SvWBKK47bhND8M50/edit?usp=drive_link


Review of Project Milestones



 Many milestones will come up in September .. 

Level 2 Milestones

See also LSST Verification & Validation Documentation and docsteady.lsst.io.

Test Plans due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Milestones due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Risk Review

Risk items needing review

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Status days since review

Overdue risks (obligation date passed)

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Risk mitigations due at the end of this month

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Overdue risk mitigations


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

DMLT Travel & Availability this week

Yusra AlSayyad Taking vacation Thursday and Friday this week.

Any Other Business

Action review



Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Due this week

Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Action Items

Confluence Quick Tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Frossie Economou Will recommend additional Level 3 milestones for implementation beyond just the DAX-9 Butler provenance milestone.   
15 Mar 2022Frossie EconomouDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2022-02-15 to 17
  • Kian-Tat Lim Convene a meeting with Colin, Tim, Robert, Yusra to resolve graph generation with per-dataset quantities (likely based on Consolidated DB work).  
18 Mar 2022Kian-Tat LimDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2022-02-15 to 17
  • Frossie Economou Write an initial draft in the Dev Guide for what "best effort" support means  
17 Nov 2023Frossie EconomouDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - 2023-Oct-24
  • Convene a group to redo the T-12 month DRP diagram and define scope expectations Yusra AlSayyad 
30 Nov 2023Yusra AlSayyadDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - 2023-Oct-24
11 Dec 2023Gregory Dubois-FelsmannDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - 2023-Oct-24
02 May 2024Frossie EconomouDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
22 May 2024 DMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
  • Richard Dubois USDF part in data facilities for PSTN-017 and distrib processing ? 
22 May 2024Richard DuboisDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
22 May 2024Fabio HernandezDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
  • Tim Jenness - section on middleware for PSTN-017  
22 May 2024Tim JennessDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
  • Cristián Silva - section on summit/data acquisition  for PSTN-017  
22 May 2024Cristián SilvaDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
Richard DuboisDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-29
  • Cristián Silva if you come to SLAC lets have plenty of photos of locks and racks etc ..
Cristián SilvaDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-29

DMLT-relevant Jira Tickets

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