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FYI: one-click epics

To create yourself an epic for your team in a specific cycle without bothering with the API, here is an example bookmarkable URL!init.jspa?pid=10501&issuetype=10000&customfield_10502=10302&customfield_10500=1.02C.10.02&customfield_10900=11001&reporter=frossie

(replace reporter with your own username)

Values for Team (customfield_10502):

  • 10300[Alert Production]
  • 10204[Data Access and Database]
  • 12219[Data Facility]
  • 10301[Data Release Production]
  • 10700[International Comms and Base Site]
  • 10302[SQuaRE]
  • 13500[Telescope and Site]

Values for Cycle (customfield_10900)

  • 11001[Fall 2021]
  • 16100[Spring 2022]
  • 16101[Fall 2022]
  • 16102[Spring 2023]
  • 16103[Fall 2023]

Values for WBS (customfield_10500)

  • Just put the value you need

  • No labels