before OR4

Known SSO Attribution (Jake, support from Mario & John)

daily SSP (loop to MPC and back)

Cassandra integration (fallback: Postgres APDB.  Ian + ?)

Resolve forced source timing problems (Ian: turn on & we'll see how Cassandra does)

alert ID scheme: ( DM-24858 - Getting issue details... STATUS , Eric & Ian)

Test on actual embargo rack (this should happen)

bright star masking (John: DM-44404)

characterize alert ingestion rate (Bri)

Times square nightly report looking at AP data quality (Eric)

visualization of PSF matching kernel (? Ian/Bruno)

before start of observing with ComCam

pipelines preload refactor (Ian)

Prompt Processing Preload (Krzysztof; DM-42925)

reject secret satellites (Bri, support from Ari & Meredith, March/April)

PPDB data integrity checks (Neven, DM-44819 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

improve trail masking (Meredith + friends)

Figure out alert schema versioning (Bri & Eric)

Alert Archive (Bri, support from Eric)

Prompt Processing can launch different payloads depending on the nextVisit payload (Krzysztof)

some kind of story for incremental template generation (Eric + Colin/DRP?)

finalize plans for initial PP hardware (Eric + RB group)

develop plan for daily duplicate DIAObject cleanup (Eric)

ip_diffim production-ready (dipoles, deblending, junk rejection; John)

batch-mode source injection for AP (Bruno)

tests of Real/Bogus on non-DC2 data (Eric + RB group)

plan for adapting Real/Bogus to ComCam (Eric + RB group)

check processing speed & throughput vs. available resources

aim to complete by sustained observing with ComCam (enable scientifically useful alerts)

useful Real/Bogus model

sort out model selection for DIASource PSF/dipole/trail models

flag glints

prepare for catchup/retry processing

withdrawing bad records

prototype timeseries features

PSF/dipole/trail model selection

review DIA

before start of observing with LSSTCam

account for shutter motion profile in timing

implement alert nondetection limits

finalize timeseries features

timely processing: source injection

AP match to large galaxy catalogs

SSP Precovery


Alert Distribution integrated (Bri, support from Eric)

analysis_tools metrics useful for on-the-fly characterization (Bruno, Ian, all)

PP afterburner metrics sent to Sasquatch (Ian)

three stamp alerts ( DM-30267 - Getting issue details... STATUS , Eric)

alerts to brokers (Bri & Eric)

pending schema/database revisions (John, Eric: DM-42435; linked tickets from RFC-967)

put analysis_ap in lsst_distrib (Meredith)

PSF model in alerts ( DM-36768 - Getting issue details... STATUS , Eric)

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