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NET Action Items Status

Update on ESnet agreement

Jeff Kantor

Reminder: Work on your items

Working on contract with ESnet. May need ESnet: FIU getting quotes from commercial providers, Jeff Kantor will check with procurement and pass on information this week. ESnet will provide "100 Gbps path diverse lit service", they will provide transponders, not just an optical lambda. However, ESnet is open to upgrading transponders if we need to with just CAPEX charge. Lit service will be on ESnet 6 optical. Pricing currently has ESnet providing transponders.

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planning

Acquired new 100 Gbps servers, 3 new 3U nodes in our topology, have 1 each in Miami, Boca, Sao Paolo. Part of INT project. Will help with testing QoS. Have plans to replace Brocades for smaller U boxes, would open up Santiago.

Discussion Topics

LSST Network Prior to ESnet 2 x 20 Gbps

Jeff Kantor updated network milestones sheet to reflect ESnet provisioning schedule. Please review and comment.

Ron Lambert Matt Kollross , Jeronimo Bezerra , Ron Lambert to produce plan/diagrams for late FY19 and FY20 usage, DTNs, etc. ACTION ITEM Albert Astudillo working on detailed design, documentation of FY19, FY20 LHN

LSST Network SC18 Demonstration:

Press releases (EXISTING ACTION ITEMS) FIU will do one but delayed, REUNA has drafted one, Jeff Kantor will clear Jeff Kantor cleared REUNA press release with LSST publications.

Technical report (EXISTING ACTION ITEMS)

Target same level of detail/content as 2017 demonstration report.

Unlike 2017 where we just used what was available, 2018 we purchased equipment for future test beds. We should describe hardware in more detail. More lessons learned should be included, and provide more details on configuration in confluence pages for reuse in future, and link to technical document.

LSST Network FY19 Demonstration:

Tie FY20 Demo to DM 503-x test/Ops Rehearsal or SC or both? Discuss in April 18 meeting.

LSST SAACC and Network Engineering Meetings April 17-18, 2019 Santiago

Location: Cerro Calán, Observatorio Astronómico Nacional.


Invited Attendees: NET meeting (SAACC list is different and larger)

Other businessAny

Wrap up and next meetingJeff Kantor

Wrap up and Next meeting:

Tuesday 11 Apr   0800 PTPDT/0900 MTMST/1000 CTCDT/1100 ETEDT/1300 1200 CLT

Action items