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  • 20th December Simulations Meeting
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20th December Simulations Meeting

Attending:  ajc, jim, john, peter, steve r, kem, simon, chris, bo, george, cathy


Actions from last week

  1. ajc: to put image renaming code into simulation stack (TBD)
  2. ajc: to invite Alex Abate to present at a sims phonecon on her work (DONE we will schedule a week in January)
  3. everyone: read Lynne's design review pages (see below)
  4. ajc: will send requests for people to read opsim review documents (feedback due 1st week of January) (DONE, ajc, Zeljko, Michael Woods-Vasey are the reading group)


Introduction to Bo a new systems analysis working in Tucson


Comments on the design review page for MAF (ability to compare opsim runs and to validate the simulations)
  • more text than other design reviews (doesnt need to be as verbose, code should speak for itself, we dont need to call out private methods)
  • Needs the api to be laid out in full including base classes 
  • Code needs to be runnable for the review
  • Discussion about the goal of MAF in terms of the a technical metrics and a science metrics framework (needs to serve both)
    • We will add Kem and Cathy to the design review to ensure the technical use cases are supported.

Tools: projected has updated Confluence, JIRA (, NOTE this is https not http. 
ajc will  send out development process to the sim leads (outlining how the agile approach for the development of  the simulation work)  (DONE)

Status of opsim documents for the review
  •  Documents: mostly finished (see list sent by Steve R on opsim mailer)
  •  Currently documents are in  docushare collection-3288. Cathy will mail out lsst short urls for the reviewers

Status of catsim (Simon)
  • Need to complete the final bits of the validation (in particular the measurement of the sizes)
  • This will be coordinated with DESC (David Kirkby) as goal is for all to use the same validation framework
  • Next work will be improving the bright star model
    • Update the catalogs in the simulation based on latest Besacon tests
    • add real stars
  • Based on review comments future work will be
    • zodiacal light
    • variability
    • morphology
Status of phosim
  • Perturbation model is primary work
    • increased flexibility with the new definition of the perturbation inputs (one month from demoing interface)
    • George - use systems engineering to get sign off on interfaces (e.g. syseng phonecon)
    • ajc - need to have the telescope subsystem sign off on the interfaces
  • Sensor work on going

Next phonecon Jan 3 (a short one)

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