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  • 2014-08-06 Meeting notes
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 at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Kem, Peter, Cathy, Srini, Steve, Francisco, Lynne, Andy


  • LSST Project & Community Workshop (0.5 week)
    • SQLite version of OpSim
    • SQLite simulations for Cadence Workshop
    • MAF (release of package, workable replacement for SSTAR, radians or degrees, other?) 
    • Tracking of dataset downloads
    • Presentations & Materials (e.g. thumb drives)
    • swapping Thursday’s 1:30 with 3:30 for the OpSim Dev Planning meeting (Steve)
    • logistics or travel updates (Polo shirts for Tuesday)
  • New developer interview status
  • Use cases for Parameters Database (what kind of queries would OpSim do?) (Srini?)


  • SQLite version of OpSim - Srini reports that this branch is complete and can be merged, however we decided to defer this action because of the significant performance degradation.  Srini will continue to work on the timing studies.  Because we are not distributing the code yet (although it is public, and it still uses slalib), and because we have a workable tool to convert the mySQL DB to a single SQLite file, for the time being, we will continue to create simulations using MySQL and convert the usable runs to a single SQLite DB.
  • SQLite simulations for Cadence Workshop - we have experienced many issues with our codebase, including ops1 freezing up or slowing to an unworkable pace, the transient subsequences proposal terminated unexpectedly after 6-8 years, and MySQL is not responding reliably on ops1.  However, accommodations are being made and the runs needed for the workshop are being presented and documented for the Workshop at Operations Simulator Benchmark Surveys.
  • MAF -presentation layer is implemetned as, but needs a way to display to all audiences not just locally.  A tour was made and the overall architecture seems very workable.
  • Tracking of dataset downloads - Srini is looking at ways to do this, currently you can see downloads from the log files.
  • Presentations & Materials (e.g. thumb drives) - nothing more is needed; presentations will be made available on Confluence.
  • swapping Thursday’s 1:30 with 3:30 for the OpSim Dev Planning meeting (Steve) - this currently does not seem feasible.

Action Items

Srini - Change to use the new conversion tool

Cathy - upload the SQLite files with documentation to the Tier 1 page

Srini - send to Andy a handful of usecases to Andy for the Parameters Database - what parameters does OpSim use abd where are these parameters currently located.

Everyone - discuss what is important to back up - as this seems to be the issue with ops1

Srini - send out new ER diagram of SQLite schema

SRini - continue to convert simulations for the Tier 1 page

Kem - update the sphinx configuration files descriptions ( add how it works)