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  • Review readiness to begin assembling the system

Discussion items


NCSA status
  • Hardware availability
    • Everything is up, everyone has access
    • ssh scripts sent around
  • Disk mounts, RAID, and other configuration
    • GPFS has now been added to the DAX nodes
    • Not sure whether requested RAID configuration has been set up yet
  • "pdac" label added to all relevant PDAC JIRA items by Joel Plutchak

SLAC status
  • Data availability and copying
    • Discussion of where and how to run the Qserv partitioning of the Stripe 82 data
    • Tentative decision to run this as slurm jobs, will get Greg Daues to help Igor Gaponenko
    • Have moved almost 40% of the data, but this process requires babysitting
  • Progress on attempting to install Qserv, run services on PDAC
    • Qserv installation: no roadblocks; redoing Docker build process, documenting the installation path
      • Brian Van Klaveren: DAX status - Docker containers built, need to run installation at NCSA
      • Unknown User (speckins) is assisting with Qserv deployment, "being used opportunistically"
      • Will get a status and schedule in offline conversation

IPAC status
  • Readiness for attempting to run a server on PDAC hardware
  • Portal definition progress
    • Will start developing the main portal page, temporarily using the IPAC WISE services
    • Already making progress on time-series features like phase-folding, some with IRSA participation


Action items

(See the LSP Integration and PDAC work items page for a summary of past action items)