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Although the scope of this effort has been expanded to more explicitly encompass all LSP Integration and integrated prototype deployment activities, we will continue to use the "pdac" label in Confluence and JIRA to tag associated actions.


DateSep 13, 2016
JIRA Issues with the "pdac" label
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Open issues
Getting issues...

Quick actions in Confluence minutes

Completed actions are available here.

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Fritz Mueller will create epic/story ticket(s) as appropriate to represent the rights-checking service work in the S19 cycle.
06 Dec 2018Fritz MuellerLSP integration and PDAC Meeting 2018-11-29
  • Adam Thornton and others, as appropriate, should look at the rights-checking service design and comment ASAP, and, if possible, report at the  LSP Integration & PDAC meeting.
13 Dec 2018Adam ThorntonLSP integration and PDAC Meeting 2018-11-29
  • Brian Van Klaveren will include these names and other rights-checking virtual group names of relevance to the LSP design in an update to DMTN-094.
12 Dec 2018Brian Van KlaverenLSP integration and PDAC Meeting 2018-11-29
  • Trey Roby Observe the performance of imgserv for requests internal to the PDAC hardware and provide feedback to SLAC.  
22 Nov 2016Trey RobyPDAC Meeting 2016-11-17
  • Fritz Mueller Understand the behavior of Qserv and the qserv_ functions for queries solely against non-sharded, replicated tables.  
01 Dec 2016Fritz MuellerPDAC Meeting 2016-11-17
  • Fritz Mueller and Kian-Tat Lim Create tickets (or other reminders) to work on the qserv_-functions issue during S17.  (Link tickets here if applicable.)   
30 Nov 2016Fritz MuellerPDAC Meeting 2016-11-17
  • Unknown User (jalt) (as proxy for NCSA group) Ensure that Nagios monitoring of PDAC's HTTP endpoints is supported by the network/firewall configurations.  
23 Nov 2016 PDAC Meeting 2016-11-17
  • Trey Roby Evaluate NFS performance on Tomcat servers after recent tuning  
22 Dec 2016Trey RobyPDAC Meeting 2016-12-15
Gregory Dubois-FelsmannPDAC Meeting 2017-02-09
27 Apr 2017Gregory Dubois-FelsmannPDAC Meeting 2017-04-20
PDAC Meeting 2017-08-25
Gregory Dubois-FelsmannPDAC Meeting 2017-11-30
  • Igor Gaponenko will produce a short writeup summarizing the tables loaded and the small differences from their materialization at IRSA.
Igor GaponenkoPDAC Meeting 2017-11-30
13 Dec 2016Gregory Dubois-FelsmannPDAC sample queries and test cases
13 Dec 2016Gregory Dubois-FelsmannPDAC sample queries and test cases
08 Sep 2016Gregory Dubois-FelsmannProperties of the WISE and NEOWISE mission data

Unfinished PDAC-related JIRA issues

We use the "pdac" (case-sensitive) label on JIRA issues for issues that are dependencies of or closely related to the construction and operation of the PDAC.  This can and should include issues that are needed for other reasons than PDAC.  If there is work that needs to be done in order to get PDAC deployed, it should have this label.

Completed items are available here.

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Reporter Assignee team story points Status