In DM-19292 - Getting issue details... STATUS we determined that our current AP HiTS processing shows much higher rates of false positive detections than the ~50 DIASource detections per CCD reported at 5 sigma with decorrelation on in DMTN-021.  The goal of this sprint is to explain (not necessarily correct or remove) the excess detections.


Daily standups (BlueJeans): time TBD

Weekly meeting: Monday 2pm Pacific, if Yusra can make it?

Slack channel: #dm-alert-prod


  • start with "False Positive Census"
    • counts of single/few/many detection DIASources
    • aggregates by CCD, visit, night
    • aggregates by DIASource flag type
    • aggregates by seeing
  • replication of DMTN-021 → current ap_pipe

Hypotheses & Potential Tests/Mitigation

  • Overfitting of kernel basis functions
    • reduce number of basis functions
    • try alternate basis set
    • regularize kernel solution
    • compare to ZOGY
  • Lack of obs_decam illumination correction
    • exclude bad observations from counts
  • Deconvolution
    • count only science > template images
  • Need better use of flags to discriminate edge detections, etc.
    • counts excluding flagged edge pixels
  • Template problems
    • compare to calexp template case
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