Discussion items

Large scale tests

DM-2430 (logging)

  • multi-line escaping
    • to simplify automated parsing
    • but want real new lines for debugging by developers
    • could redirect multi-line via DEBUG to a separate file
    • better: configure through handlers: production handler would escape "\n"
  • printing PID
    • yes, useful. Optional
    • potentially flask could run in multi-process mode, default is multi-threading


  • want to transition from K-T to Data Access team sooner than originally planned
  • 3h butler design session w/K-T June 2, 12:30-3:30

Multi-node integration tests

  • problems after switching to latest qserv
  • eg, with restarting services
    • tracked it down to problems with permissions in mysql: xrootd plugin won't start if the internal db not available.

Data distribution

  • design discussion about distributed vs centralized approach


  1. Unknown User (xiuqin)

    • 3h butler design session w/K-T June 2, 12:30-3:30

    Jacek Becla  Could I listen in the design meeting? I think it could be a great education opportunity for me. 

    1. Yes of course! (We are pretty much always on the nwb hangout during our meetings)