2pm Pacific Time

Zoom: https://washington.zoom.us/j/98846655020



Topics for discussion:

  • Project updates (Eric Bellm , Ian Sullivan ):
  • Auxtel processing status (all):
    • run starting tomorrow
  • Pipelines Infrastructure (Krzysztof Findeisen , John Parejko ):
    • John: diaSource centroids (see discussion here)
      • surprisingly complicated to see what we're doing for "centroid of a DIASource." 
      • at first it looks like it comes from NaiveDipoleFit (just 3x3 box per positive/negative peak).
      • but maybe we are using the DipolePSF centroid
      • the code flow is hard to follow
      • in any case we certainty haven't calculated uncertainties from any of the dipole fits, which we need
      • Jim B. isn't sure the model is well-enough defined to have uncertainties; Eric and John think
      • Eric: we also have to figure out model selection question.  maybe Eric can lead a Weds. discussion
    • John: talked to Anastasios Tzanidakis about cutouts; realized cache for cutouts code wasn't working, which speeds the code up substantially
  • Precursor processing & Campaign Management ( Kenneth Herner , Erin Howard):
    • Erin:
      • CM: working with Orion to make cm_tools config files for the AP pipelines
        • cm_tools works with panda, provides a user-friendly way to deal with/list errors
      • worked with Ian and John on crowded fields–crowded fields are trying to use 50k objects for astrometry, leading to out of memory; limited to 5k via config resolved the issue
        • next bug in line is DM-36760, will work on in pair coding Weds
    • Ken: closing out dataset comparision review; also ran with quantum-backed butler without error.  filling in missing metrics this week.
  • Satellites (Meredith Rawls ):
    • vacation last week, still working on streak finding implementation in single-frame
  • Image differencing algorithms, DCR  ( Bruno Sanchez , Ian Sullivan ):
    • Bruno:
      • talked to Ian last week about flags/masks
      • comparing efficiencies between similar runs–thinking about some tooling, although may need revision for source_injection
        • Eric: what does it run on?  Bruno: matched fake catalogs
        • Eric pushing everyone to start thinking about implementing via analysis_tools metrics
  • alert distribution (Brianna Smart , Eric Bellm ): 
    • working on updating connection info for USDF vs IDF for eg Kowl, then out for a few days
    • Roy Williams asking after testing
  • TransiNet (Nima Sedaghat Harshit Rai , Eric Bellm ):
    • Nima: working on DC2 migration to IDF.  Not fully restored on the USDF side, so working on both
  • Solar-system processing (Ari Heinze ):
    • Ari: working on interstellar-capable version of the orbit fitting, struggling a bit with the deriviation–trying an alternative approach now
    • talked with Eric about how to specify covariances of trailed sources—Eric suggests Ari propose a desired combination of positions and uncertainties
  • Review CI (https://usdf-rsp-dev.slac.stanford.edu/chronograf/):
    • no changes
  • Review outstanding action items
  • QA meeting September 11:
    • CalibrateImagesTask in AP (John)
    • APDB run comparison tool demo (Ken)
    • streak masking/long trail rejection?  If visuals ready (Bri & Meredith)–probably defer to October
  • AOB
    • next Monday a holiday, no meeting
    • John: give opinions on task defaults on DM-39796 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • will discuss at pipelines meeting Wednesday
      • Meredith: how much are we trying to match DRP configs?  Eric: we can diverge when we need to for speed reasons but probably should try to match otherwise.

Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Eric Bellm write up retention policy and sizing for APDB  
17 Jul 2023Eric BellmAP Pipeline Meeting, 2023-06-26
  • Eric Bellm dig into alert serialization test in ap_association and ticket ways to improve it  
11 Sep 2023Eric BellmAP Pipeline Meeting, 2023-08-21
  • Eric Bellm review broker communication channels  
25 Sep 2023Eric BellmAP Pipeline Meeting, 2023-08-14