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attending: Eric Bellm Ian Sullivan John Swinbank Meredith Rawls Krzysztof FindeisenChris Morrison

Topics for discussion:

  • HiTS reprocessing (Meredith Rawls)
    • summarizing recent work on DM-13081 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which spawned DM-16543 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-16544 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Chris suggests that flags labeled "slot" may be more useful than eg using the pixel flags.
    • Ian suggests that DM-16544 is due to using PSF-matched coadds–any time the PSF convolution kernel touches a mask.  But that's to make the coadd, and the mask growing is happening in diffim.
    • Krzysztof says Yusra recommend convolvedTemplate=True last year for use with PsfMatched coadds. This is the default setting for ImageDifferenceTask, so we're currently using it implicitly.
  • DES processing (Eric Morganson)
  • CI (Krzysztof Findeisen )
    • SQuaRE has been pushing forward on pushing ap_verify metrics to SQuASH.  But SQuASH assumes some metadata is present that isn't there.  Simon Krughoff has promised to fix it in
  • DCR (Ian Sullivan )
    • gain matching code updated, new unit tests added, small bug found and fixed
    • responding to reviews on three tickets
    • Also made simulated test dataset with variable PSFs and ran through his code; doesn't work as well, as expect.  Extremely bad PSFs will drive model to divergence.  Just did a simple ~grid of PSF sizes.
    • what's it take to do HiTS?
      • Meredith Rawls has tried running this, but makeCoaddTempExp is hanging–needs investigation.
      • Ian Sullivan also has a smaller test DECam dataset
  • ap_* development
    • Chris Morrison PPDB seems to be running as expected, doing some quick checks to catch any null column handling issues.
    • wrapping up the ticket, then on to flags.
  • AOB/table round
    • Eric thinking about matching to HiTS classified variables.  Chris suggests could instantiate DIAObject table with those objects and let them collect