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(Meeting canceled since it conflicts with the remote all hands.  We'll pick up the discussion on .  If there's anything in the agenda below that requires discussion before that, let Unknown User (pdomagala) know.)

Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



    • Alignment of NCSA-provided services with program needs
    • Ensure effective use of the current NCSA infrastructure
    • Refinement and continuous improvement of services, resources and processes
    • Plan for near- and medium-term activities

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shared filespace

cheller [7:42 PM]
So, I did some digging about the LSST compute cluster. One, it appears there are too many users thrashing it at one time and the storage can't keep up seeing that it is just one node, too many requests over too small a pipe. Two, there's a local SSD for home, but only some people are using it... It would be far better to get people to use local scratch space for compiles and heavy duty stuff vs GPFS. The people on the local storage are, of course not be effected by these data storms the users are creating. I'd suggest adding more people to home from that SSD and potentially adding more local fast scratch space if this is going to continue to be an issue. Thanks.

Open issues & change requests/home quoutas see notes in IHS-766
Improve error message related to maintenance window

IHS-699 Improve error message related to maintenance window

  • Extended maintenance today.
  • Need to have everything rock solid going into the DM-AHM
    • to that end, NCSA is declcaring a no changes period from 2/26 to 3/9
    • if anyone has been considering changes, please submit your requests before ~ 2/21
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