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  • Review progress toward PDAC completion at the end of the month

Discussion items

NCSA / infrastructureUnknown User (jalt)
  • Going to announce on Monday that lsst-dev01 will be in full operation in two weeks
  • Looking at the sizing model this month, looking for ways to improve it
  • Looking at DRP/Princeton needs for QA
  • Discussion of handling 100 sq. deg. of HSC public-data
    • Comparison of this to the Data Access group's need for further scaling tests
    • QA system appears to need the interactive creation of user databases
    • Discussion of whether the QA system can be hosted on the same cluster as the S82/WISE PDAC
  • All hosts in the PDAC cluster are functioning
 SLAC / Data Access - QservIgor Gaponenko
  • Stripe 82 catalog databases have been loaded into Qserv; simple tests seem to be working
    • Have not tried performance / large-scale tests yet
    • Lots of changes to the loading procedure were required in order to make this efficient & correct
    • Procedure is now highly parallel
  • Next step: produce a writeup on loading, especially for Unknown User (speckins)'s use
    • Should be possible to experiment with loading additional databases without affecting S82 data
  • Working on better file organization for the image data
  • Ran into some problems with respect to time stamps / time zones in creating Docker containers (see DM-8119 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Interpreting logs when containers have a different time zone than the host OS
    • Interpretation of time stamps in the database data
    • Unknown User (jalt): NCSA is very happy to go to uniform UTC time zone settings in production services
 SLAC / Data Access - DAXBrian Van Klaveren
  • Ready to redirect dbserv at the Qserv cluster
  • Qserv is now up, so we should try to do this today
  • Still working on getting metaserv up today and tomorrow
  • John Gates made progress on imgserv and we will make some images available today
  • John Gates: raw images and cutouts are now working
    • Need Jim Bosch's changes to afw deployed in order to get coadds working

Action items

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