When: 2023 March 14-17 (waning gibbous moon)

Where: Club La Serena, Summit, and Recinto.

There are many nearby restaurants. Recommendations include:

What: Block Agenda


  • Share what everyone plans to tweak, investigate, fix during commissioning so that we can find schedule, data collection optimizations, and triage faster when we start getting LSSTCam images. 
  • Get DM people together in Chile with a chance to see the Summit and understand the hardware components, what can go wrong with them, and how that would impact the image quality
  • Discuss issues across DM and Commissioning
  • Show progress and share ideas from all over DM
  • Arrange specific side meetings with other subsystems aligned with interfaces


  • Packing list: https://project.lsst.org/sites/default/files/Visiting%20Cerro%20Pachon_2.pdf
  • Presentation slides: Wed Feb 22nd What To Expect slides from Ranpal and Alysha
  • See Updated travel info from  from Erin: Travel- General
  • In particular, how to book your own flight if you need: 
     If family or spouses are traveling, the employee must make their own reservations, along with their family/spouse. We will reimburse for the employee only. Make sure the employee is aware of the Fly America Act and will need to either Slack or email the planned flights and pricing to me prior to their final purchase. I need to confirm, on the same day as the reservation has been made, that our pricing is the same and that they are adhering to the Rubin Travel Procedure. There is no record of airline ticket pricing history to refer to for comparison, so if this process is not followed, no reimbursement will be given.

Bus schedule, Wed/Thu:

As-Presented Materials and Notes


See block schedule for links to presentation materials


Technical Q&Aslides ; live notes
Campaign management during commissioning
Interfaces between subsystemsslides
Meeting overviewslides

Incahuasi Unconference/BoF suggestions for Wed/Thurs:

Write your topic like this and then put your name down if you want to attend: Yusra AlSayyad 

Incahuasi Room sign up for Wed/Thurs:



A2: TMA EFD Data Mining Tutorial (Craig Lage)



A2: Daily TMA EDF analysis tailgate

Bruno’s notes: Daily TMA EFD analysis morning tailgate

A2: Daily TMA EDF analysis tailgate


Topic Suggestions:

Suggested ByTopicTime Needed
Joint Commissioning session with high lights and low lights. Top five issues we need to solve right now1.5hr
Hack sessions with commissioning focus - perhaps in parallel to some summit visits if we visit in small groups.
"Over the shoulder" view of real-time Commissioning observing and analysis practices to see if there are potential improvements.Scheduled for 9pm+ W/Th
Potential breakout topical sessions (could be same as hack sessions above) on: data movement; OODS/data curation; observer, V&V, and System Performance feedback; calibration algorithms; prompt/rapid algorithms; DRP-like Commissioning algorithms; V&V algorithms; prompt/rapid execution frameworks; Campaign Management and offline execution frameworks.

Summit operations at night to support SIT-COM (SVV + SIT + Com) activities.

  • Big picture of active systems - Summit, Base, Tucson & USDF + other sites?
  • Where do the data go, including images + EFD telemetry, events & commands + other files?
  • Safety protocols and procedures
  • Advanced planning, on-site coordination & logitics
  • Remote support
  • End of night reporting
  • End of run reporting
  • Analysis & Results reporting

TBD SIT-Com list
SIT-Com objectives JTM

Yusra AlSayyad Safety training from Giovanni Corvetto 90 minutes. (Tuesday 10:30am)
Here's some of the cool things to do in the area. 
Setting up and running Prompt Processingscheduled as 90 minutes prep session and 9pm-2am observing support on Wednesday.
Yusra AlSayyad  As part of the mission to share what everyone plans to tweak, investigate, fix during commissioning so that we can find schedule, data collection optimizations, and triage faster when we start getting LSSTCam images. 
    • pipelines wants to share what data we need, and analysis we will do, and what components it will feed back into while commissioning the pipelines.

 Potential Summit Activities

Hosted ByDay/NightWhatDate/Time ConstraintsMax number of people  OR subset of people
DayDay Trip to the Summit

"The tour I can give on a Saturday will be better than the tour I can give on a weekday"

Brian Stalder Day/NightTrip to summit.  Take selfie with ComCam?  (probably only possible on Saturday)

NightActive Optics CommissioningFriday March 10th.Active Optics Group
Holger Drass NightObserving with Auxtel 


Kevin Reil NightEvening trip to summit
One carload

 Planned activities

For downtime before, after, and between meetings and commissioning activities:

Organized ByWhat
John Parejko Guided climbing trip

Comment from Margaux Lopez: In my apartment in La Serena I have ~4 extra harnesses and a ton of extra climbing shoes of various sizes, two ropes, a 7-seater car, and a bunch of local climbing friends so I'm happy to lend gear and/or help out with this -

Sophie had shoulder surgery in Dec and cannot climb. Margaux Lopez will you organize?

Climbing organizing is happening on the #climbing channel on slack, for those who were not already invited and want to join.

Humboldt Penguins
See the night sky away from La Serena lights (for everyone who can't do Pachon overnight)

Organizing Committee

Logistics/Local organizers who will also be involved in the program!


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