Topics for discussion:

  • Gen 3 conversion (

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • Precursor processing (Meredith Rawls ):
    • out right now
  • report from NCSA (Unknown User (emorganson) et al):
    • nothing to report, is coloring
  • ap_association/SDM/fakes (Unknown User (cmorrison)):
    • SDM stalled waiting for response for Jim, trying to set up a live conversation–Jim seems to have a solution to the local WCS approach
    • Has started Gen 3 fakes Task
  • DCR (Ian Sullivan ):
    • getting started on making Gen 3 diffim DCR-compatible
    • closed a ticket cleaning up some incompatibilities
    • has had some trouble with Jenkins/nublado
  • Image differencing (Unknown User (gkovacs) ):
    • started a notebook exploring the Fourier space issues
    • starting formal coding and unit tests for decorr. afterburner
    • starting a list of things to discuss with Robert in next call
    • offers to go over some of this in a brownbag in the future
  • Review CI (
    • March 27, few percent change in ratio of DIASources to direct image sources (mostly in the good direction): what changed?
      • best guess is DM-23616 - Getting issue details... STATUS , but we are not certain. 
        • Specifically, either f6920f1 or df313b1 might have changed the differencing behavior
      • not going to chase further for the moment
  • AOB
    • none