(See DM-22559 - Getting issue details... STATUS .)

The development work for this milestone was completed in early 2019, integrating the Portal with an early prototype from the DAX group of a WebDAV service.  The principal effort involved was to adapt the existing IRSA workspace / WebDAV-client code to the prototype LSST WebDAV service, which was missing a directory-query feature (optional in the WebDAV standard) that is provided at IRSA and on which the client code depended.  The LSST-funded 

Subsequently the WebDAV service was allowed to be dropped from the operational LSP configuration, such that by fall 2019 the capability could no longer be exercised.

The SUIT group noticed this later in the fall and asked for the service to be restored.  This was done.  The WebDAV service is still temporary and is not linked to back end storage in the way that is planned for the operational system.

However, the Portal integration depends only on the WebDAV service itself, and so we can close out this milestone even without the final WebDAV back-end configuration.

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