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attending: Eric Bellm Meredith Rawls Krzysztof Findeisen Ian Sullivan Eric Morganson Gabor KovacsJohn Swinbank

Topics for discussion

  • HiTS reprocessing (Meredith Rawls):
    • working on the excess detections due to background problem
  • DES processing (Eric Morganson):
    • ops rehearsal last week: data transfer, (simulated) images were processed through SFP.  Main learning was about communication
    • New faster computers that will eventually go to Chile; Eric will run ap_pipe timing estimates on them for comparison: faster disk reads, more RAM, etc.
  • ap_association (Chris Morrison):
    • Chris is out this week
  • DCR (Ian Sullivan ):
    • found & fixed bug when template is finer resolution than science DM-19660 - Getting issue details... STATUS .  Probably this didn't affect HiTS processing since unlike the DCR sims the spatial sampling of HITS science and data are the same
    • also wrote code to correctly calculate PSFs from DCR models DM-19517 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • gets somewhat cleaner results now (e.g. in total number of sources) since deconvolution artifacts have decreased
  • image differencing (Gabor Kovacs ):
    • worked on backlog tickets
    • wrote to Robert, who requested a short writeup with particular attention to preconvolution
    • thinking some about interaction between polynomial modifications to the kernel
  • Review CI (
    • Minor decrease (→ improvement?) in # of unassociated DIAObjects, which we associate with DM-19660
    • gradual (?!) improvement in runtime; Jenkins has migrated to faster machines at NCSA, but it's not an obvious step function
  • AOB
    • Ian requests another DCR run of DECam HiTS–Meredith will teach him to fish
    • Meredith: DM-18394 - Getting issue details... STATUS needs an expert (maybe Yusra) to evaluate a possible config change. other option is to fix ip_diffim