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  • 31st January 2014
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Attending: ajc, jim, heather, cathy, simon, chris walter, Dave Monet, Bo, Richard, Peter, John, Debbie, Kem, Steve
With the opsim review upon us we will have short meeting this Friday to discuss status and plans after the review:
  • update on software standardization study
    • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann is heading up a study on the use of software and the standardization of that software across the project. He will be creating a small group representing different aspects of the project. Richard (for camera), John, Simon and Srini expressed interest in the process. Surveys of how people use software will be sent out and we need to be responsive to this
  • update on the next set of Atlasssian tools and plans ahead
    • JIRA, agile, confluence all seem to be going well. Atlassian's Answers may be rolled out as a project version of stackoverflow. Simon - these questions and answers need to be public. We plan to make Simulations confluence pages public (with the exception of dry run presentations). If there is are other pages that need to remain private send ajc an email. 
    • is up and we will be looking at how it can be integrated with git (from an external perspective it should be transparent and will provide a github-like code review and pull request capability)
  • details for the opsim review next week
    • Finalizing presentations and logistics on Monday. Meeting is on Tuesday and Wednesday starting 8.30am and 9.00am (MST) respectively. Presentations will go public Monday and are in collection 3107. There will be gotomeeting for the review.
    • ajc will use George's latest budget slide at the end of his presentation. 
    • Gregory and Chris Stubbs will be present at the review
  • status of MAF including the outcome of the design review
  • plans for catsim and phosim
    • Slalib - removing dependence on slalib and replace by palpy
    • Swapped out in the catalogs and changes fed back to palpy (and accepted)
    • Sofa licence is a question - need to change the function names if you edit the code (astropy is doing this)
    • Monet - Can we put sofa and palpy etc into a single package that would be beneficial to the community as a whole
    • After catalogs opsim will transition to palpy
  • next phosim release 
    • FEA in place and being tested
    • A few weeks out but aiming to provide support for M1/M3 acceptance
    • Dick Shaw would like to have a collection of calibration products 
      • Should use version 3.3.2
      • Simon - can we have calibration products as part of the release
      • John - this is possible (the code for this is in examples)
      • ACTION - Simon will define the calibration products required


Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#

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