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8 am PT


Jen Adelman-Mccarthy Mikolaj Kowalik Brian Yanny Edward Karavakis Torre Wenaus Wen Guan Zhaoyu Yang Tim Jenness Michelle Gower Wei Yang 



  1. Passing q-graph node uuids to Panda/iDDS (DM-34915)
  2. Rubin site env. doc, have we finalized it?
  3. Panda submission to DFs: HTCondor 10.x and ARC CE communication
  4. Panda service installation at USDF
  5. AOB


  1. In DM-34915, Michelle made progress to clean up the code (Wen reviewed) to prepare for putting Q-node uuids in a yaml file. She also have a test code that may be able to workaround the actual limit of 4000 characters. Note that the 4000-char is a limit of varchar2 in Oracle, but it is also a scalability issue when passing a very long pseudo-file-name in command line.
  2. Wen thinks that the Rubin site env doc is mostly finalized and will add that to the panda.lsst.io doc
  3. Wen tested and found that HTCondor 10.x can submit to ARC CE using x509. Also confirmed today by Brian Lin (OSG team) that future HTCondor will still support this kind of usage (what is actually dropped in the latest HTCondorCE is the GSI support (x509 + voms, etc.)). 
  4. Debugging why some environment variables setting (defined in HTCondor→ARC CE job description script) are missing at FrDF but are OK USDF.
  5. Panda service at SLAC k8s has free inbound connection but no free outbound connection to FrDF and UKDF (squid won't help): two thinks to try: ask if k8s can permit outbound, or add FrDF and UKDF subnet to NAT. Will try k8s route first.
  6. DB meeting tomorrow, Eddie may discussion with Yee about panda DB deployment.