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Prototype Data Access Center (PDAC) meetings take place every other Thursday at 9:00 Project Time on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:




Discussion items



qserve master status
  • Currently blocked on GPFS instability.
  • Igor needs 48hrs of uninterrupted system uptime to load catalogs. The group has a milestone to load WISE data by end of Nov.
  • May move to a strategy of keeping 2-3 copies of data across multiple nodes.
  • Igor Gaponenko suggests investigating using native (RO) GPFS connections on PDAC.
  • So far, system has met expectations (modulo GPFS issues).
  • Local RAID is used for backups.
  • Igor Gaponenko advised to go ahead and load the system to see if the problem recurs. Stress test.

GPFS instability status

The latest:

  • One of 2 GPFS servers is down.
  • The GPFS client’s failed over automatically, and the admin's manually failed over the NFS this morning.
  • IBM is at NCSA today figuring out problem.

Request to increase limits and swap space for qserv pdacUnknown User (pdomagala)
  • Ref. IHS-488 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Since this is a system-wide change that effects all users. We'll be redirecting this to the DM chage control process.

Action items



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