Chronograf HSC RC2 Dashboard

Who:  DRP team.  Interested parties from the AP,  commissioning, execution, and science validation teams welcome

What:  Review the DRP metrics dashboard on chronograph.  First look at HSC RC2 since we are very familiar and then after a few months add in the  DC2 ImSim reruns.  Understand any changes in performance, investigating with the validation_data_hsc dashboard or pipe_analysis plots if need be, and plan new metrics to add to the dashboard.  Announce if we expect changes in performance in the next rerun, and which new numbers to add the the dashboard.  


When:  Mondays 12pm - 12:50pm ET. Date is next listed agenda on this list

Why:  Make our RC rerun performance changes more visible to the whole team, and our DRP science validation process more open to commissioning and science validation teams. 

Resources for answering performance questions:

Tracking issues needed for HSC PDR4 Pipeline:

Pipeline for HSC PDR4

24.0.x Backport Status

Tracking issues needed to achieve Gen2/Gen3 DRP pipeline parity:

DRP Gen2 to Gen3 Pipeline Migration Coordination

Tracking issues needed for DP0.2 Pipeline:

Gen3 Pipeline for DP0.2

Meeting Minutes

Kick off meeting will be held June 26 at 9am PDT. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled after new HSC RC2 reruns.

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