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  • Get together, resolve bottlenecks, make progress faster, plan, design, exchange ideas

Discussion items

Discussed sprint 2014_11 for ~1 hour. Some worth capturing notes:

  • need documentation how to install on multi-node
  • docker - would be useful to experiment with, maybe in January

Action items

  • move documentation about CSS structure from trac into readme file close to code - (Done, see DM-1620)
  • add unit test to verify mismatched versions are caught (zoo structure and qserv). This is related to DM-1453. (Done, see DM-1621)
  • add unit test for work in DM-1539. (Done, see DM-1622)
  • file an issue: better docs how to create new package. (Done, see DM-1623)
  • file a story: qserv should report it's version (scons should compile it into the code) (Done, see DM-1624)
  • file a story: scisql should report it's version (Done, see DM-1625)
  • building a release should be captured as a story (Done for Dec release, see DM-1626)