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  • Get together, resolve bottlenecks, make progress faster, plan, design, exchange ideas

Discussion items

DM-658 (generic db name instead of hardcoded "LSST")

  • Vaikunth got it to work, code cleaning still to do


  • open new ticket, we need test that returns some rows (Jacek)


  • Serge will push code this week
  • Daniel starting to work on Qserv migration
  • not sure if we will finish this epic in Nov

Building multiple shared libraries in Qserv

  • Daniel having issues
  • resolved with help from AndyS via emails

spatial optimizations

  • spacial indexing for Fermi dataCat
    • Brian's approach: indexing points, not images, this probably won't work for us
    • to do, but not high priority for now
  • BTW, we need spatial optimizations for all 3: qserv, images, and metadata

    • note that in Qserv, small area cone search is still more expensive than it could be, if we did that via htm instead of scanning entire chunk/subchunk.
    • q3c even better, it does not have to recursively determine triangles as htm does

user upload tables

  • typically small, but occasionally can be large, e.g. millions of entries
  • so, attaching it to every query is impractical
  • uploading, even for small tables, can take some time
    • need to push to all nodes, get confirmation
    • in some cases need to do extra computation, e.g., calculate htm ids based provided regions 
    • ok if it takes some time (eg 30-60 sec)
  • for these uploading very small list who want fast performance SUI can optimize and e.g. send with query
  • do not complicate Qserv, do not come up with extra protocols for that, do not go into using "common table expressions"
  • note, user upload tables will be needed in Qserv, and in image cutout service too
  • create epic to discuss upload tables/lists (Jacek)