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Discussion items

5 minDiscussion of when/how to reissue the Qserv reference queries
  • Fritz Mueller will provide something in DMTN form for the review, will discuss what is needed beyond that
10 minStatus of rollout of federated authentication to the LSP instances
  • It's unclear where we are in trying to roll out federated authentication again after the recent mishap.
  • Michelle Butler is convening a meeting on trying to understand what happened then and what to learn from that in terms of testing and rollout procedures for the future.
  • We do want both federated authentication and cross-Aspect SSO deployed, if possible, by the review in early April. Part of the discussion in the meeting clarified that these are distinct things.
35 minDemonstration of DAX group's SODA (IVOA cutout) service
  • Kenny Lo showed a running demo of the SODA service, including /availability, /capabilities, /examples, and /sync endpoints.
  • The service supports both the "traditional" LSST imgserv cutout shapes, via a custom " BRECT " value for the POS parameter, and the SODA-standard CIRCLE, RANGE, and POLYGON.
  • Hooks exist in the code for an async service, but so far only /sync has been implemented.
  • Some fine-tuning of the XML content of the standard DALI endpoints will still be needed. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann will follow up with Kenny on this.
  • Kenny reports that at least one of the relevant XML schema files (for "VOMetadata") is not available at a live Internet endpoint, inhibiting certain types of validation that could be done. This is not a blocker for delivering the service, however. Further discussion on Slack at #dm-vo.
  • Unknown User (xiuqin): A discussion is needed on what the valid values for the ID parameter will be and how they can be obtained and/or constructed. They should be available verbatim from SIAv2 and ObsTAP, but they should also be constructable from Butler DataID-like information.
15 minAOB
  • Fritz Mueller is interested in access to data to use in an experimental ObsTAP service. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann has had this action. Will provide some today.
  • Frossie Economou reminds T/CAMs and product owners that we will hold the LSP standup on Monday at 10:45 PST and that it will focus on preparations for the LSP review.
  • Brian Van Klaveren reports that he is ready to test longer-lived tokens on lsst-lsp-int in preparation for SSO integration with the Notebook.

Action items