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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



    • Alignment of NCSA-provided services with program needs
    • Ensure effective use of the current NCSA infrastructure
    • Refinement and continuous improvement of services, resources and processes
    • Plan for near- and medium-term activities

  • Discussion items
Review of last meeting notes
  • Any updates

Extended PDAC maintenance

Unknown User (pdomagala)
  • Next Thurs. 2017-11-16 is a regularly scheduled maintenance window. We'd like to extend this from 2 to 45 hrs, mostly effecting PDAC. That would be 07:00-11:00 ProjTime. Any objections?
Docker on lsst-devUnknown User (pdomagala)
  • DM developers need a build/test environment that supports docker containers, ref. IHS-580 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Batch processing queuesUnknown User (pdomagala)
  • As part of NCSA's production framework development activities, we'll begin implementation of multiple SLURM queues on the verification cluster
    • Currently using 2 nodes for experimentation. This Fri., we anticipate increasing queue resources to 14 nodes, at least through the end of Nov. ( there are 48 nodes, each with 48 CPUs)
    • Initially, we'll implement & test the following queue structure:
      • Development queue: 34 nodes
      • Production queue: 14 nodes reserved with some ability to utilize (and release) idle development nodes

dev environment

Requests for change

  • Configure SLURM to accept jobs to use only partial nodes IHS-576 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • DM developers need a build/test environment that supports docker containers IHS-580 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Increase limits and swap space for qserv pdac IHS-488 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PDAC StatusGregory Dubois-Felsmann
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Current Verification Cluster Utilization

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