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Discussion items

Interfaces to butler

  • butler will need remote access. This is not implemented yet
  • the language-independent api (restful) - can it present full functionality of butler? 
    • Should it be everything that butler supports or subset?
  • And, should it be *the* remote API to butler?

Python-level access from SUI

  • sui will need to call python in some places, e.g. to get some services from application layer that are not exposed through data access restful services
  • ideally, it'd be best if in-memory python objects could be shared with firefly

Schema browser ownership



  1. Unknown User (xiuqin)

    Jacek Becla  There are also information on sciSQL in the current schema browser. How do we get the functions list and definition through API? 

    1. I don't think that SciSQL documentation should be provided through an API like metaserv.  That should just remain a link to documentation produced by other tools.

  2. Unknown User (xiuqin): Good question! Once we have solid framework for documentation, it'll be more obvious. Frossie EconomouJonathan Sick, and Serge Monkewitz should be in the loop on that.