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Discussion items

Running DataCat / forms @ncsa

  • NCSA is an open site, we can bring and run (secure) software
  • need to standardize deployment of services like that
  • not committed to maintaining existing paths (urls), MetaServ needs to hide them behind a layer
  • hooking up DataCat with LDAP - makes most sense to connect it with LSST LDAP managed by Iain. Jacek will follow up

MetaServ & Butler

  • use case: users will need to run with no mysql connectivity to central server, so we have to support simple sqlite too

SLAC/ NCSA responsibilities

  • anything science related - SLAC
  • details of storage hierarchy, replication, checksums, hardware layout, backups etc - NCSA
  • gray area: services developed at slac might rely on info stored by NCSA layer (eg is the file on tape or disk)


  • IPAC needs few VMs @NCSA in the near future
  • for now: provision manually
  • Xiuqin will write down needs

API for cutout service

  • Brian's experience: python is easier if it is first experience. If need performance java is better, it has great parsing libraries, serializing/deserializing different formats in java is convenient. Django is fine for small applications. Framework "flask" is good too. 
  • Ruby? Great to get started. Issues with performance, not best in long run. 
  • fits libraries we rely on: afw, easily accessible from python
  • looks like python is a good choice for us
    • but check with Serge Monkewitz, he used it for IRSA, wasn't happy with some parts
  • be consistent, use the same API for all services

DDT for qserv-served tables?

  • proper solution coming in S15
  • for now, use the tables that are maintained for schema browser

User upload tables

  • come up with a plan during S15

Dataset/repo terminology

  • IPAC todo from past meetings, IPAC team will look into it

No meeting next week, it i a holiday at most labs.