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  • Discuss Data Archive related topics

Discussion items

Example urls for dataCat?

  • ask Brian (Jacek)

Testing qserv for SUI

  • jdbc issues fixed, still need to install latest qserv at ipac and verify
  • want more rapid cycle
  • ultimately will have machine(s) at NCSA, it is ~2 months away, purchasing now
  • short term: install qserv at slac for IPAC
    • open mysql for selected ipac machine(s), ipac team can use ssh tunnel to connect

Performance optimizations

  • SUI wants high performance, near direct access speed, reconstructing fits headers requires making a copy of file
  • don't design something that rules out direct file access (direct file access might be needed for SUI, we won't expose it for end-users)

html-type access

  • not urgent
  • SUI can access qserv directly
  • but for qserv-proprietary interfaces, it should be web-wrapped from the beginning

User upload tables

  • tension between having one simple interface for users, vs multiple for performance reasons
  • example: 3-row upload table vs 3-million-row, opportunities to optimize for small tables
    • these optimizations belong to SUI level 
  • Level 3 in LDM-240 planned for 2019-2020 time frame
    • SUI needs user upload tables much earlier
    • doable, unless we want uploads concurrently with user queries
  • also, cross-matching will be essential during commissioning
    • not clear if it would be done via database though

SUI requirements

  • sui team going through all sui requirements, exposing hidden requirements (like need for user upload tables in Qserv)

Next meeting

  • next Monday, DM audio line for audio + google hangout for video