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  • Quarterly face to face meeting of DM Leadership Team (DMLT).
  • Refer to LDM-294 for charter of the DMLT.


The meetings will be held on the 4th floor of the Keith Spalding Building in Room 410.

For those who have never been here previously, I have attached a campus map with the building marked with a red oval.  The address of the building is 1200 East California.  I have also marked closest place to park; there is an underground parking garage (actually under the baseball fields).  I have marked the pdf map with white arrows.  There are parking ticket machines in the garage as you come down the ramp and go to the right.  The doors on the Keith Spalding building are only unlocked on the EAST side of the building.  These are double glass doors that open automatically.  So if you find yourself at a locked door, you are likely on the West side of the building.

There is also an interactive online map at

The Keith Spalding Building is Building Number 6 on the maps.

Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided; lunch will be order in

Dinner on Nov. 13, at 6pm at:

    Fu-Shing Chinese Restaurant:    2960 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

   (626) 792-8898


Wednesday 12 November 2014    

1:305:00LSST‐ZTTBCoffee brought in 

Thursday 13 November 2014

8:008:30 Breakfast and Coffee 
8:309:00Jeff Kantor/Mario JuricNew People Introductions 
9:009:30Jeff Kantor/Mario JuricDM Project Update (staffing/hiring)

DM Status.pdf

9:3010:00Jeff KantorDM Global Partners Update (IN2P3, Brazil)(same as above)
10:0011:00Frossie EconomouScience Quality and Reliability Engineering (SQuaRE) 
11:001:00Jeff KantorDM Organization (including TCT, SAT, decision process)

DM Construction Organization 20140909.pdf

1:003:00Jeff Kantor/Mario Juric/KT Lim/Frossie EconomouLunch brought in: DM Agile Software Development process for DM Managers 
3:004:00David Ciardi/Xiuqin WuSUI KickOff

SUI Kickoff Slides

Coffee brought at 3pm

4:005:30Mario Juric/K-T Lim/Jeff Kantor/Team LeadsW15 Plan and Status,Overview of and Progress against LDM-240

LDM-240 20141111-outlined.xlsx

 6:00 Group dinner - Fu Shing 

Friday 14 November 2014

8:009:30Gregory DuboisFelsmann/K-T Lim/Mario Juric/Frossie EconomouBreakfast and Coffee - Unified Project-wide Computing (should we support it, Software development, IT support) 
9:3011:00Jeff Kantor/Kevin Long

Earned Value, Cost Accounting, Progress Reporting Training, JIRA - PMCS process

W15 Status.pdf

DM EV Oct 2014.xlsx

Jira Template-10-30-2014.xlsx


Tim Axelrod/David Ciardi

Web front ends (tools, deployment, ownership, for developers, for the project, for users) 
12:0012:30Jeff Kantor/Mario Juric

Discuss dates/location for DM AHM Feb 2015

Follow up Topics:

  • Risk Register/Review
  • ComCam Design Document assignments
  • DM Sizing Model in annual infrastructure sub award, DAC sizing/costing, future iterations/direction
  • National Research Council comments on Future of NSF Advanced Computing
  • US-VOA invitation
 12:30Meeting Adjourn  
1:003:00Jeff Kantor/Mario Juric/KT Lim (others welcome)Meet with new IPAC staff 

Discussion items


Action items

  • Unknown User (ciardi): Define what a DAC is, come up with template agreement. Reassigned to David Ciardi as part of action to coordinate update/refresh of Data Access White Paper document-5373 

  • Jeff Kantor , Mario JuricKian-Tat Lim: Update LDM-294 based on Mario's push-down-decisions proposal along with the escalation path.  
  • Mario Juric: Define product ownership and delegation thereof.  
  • Unknown User (xiuqin)Unknown User (ciardi): Investigate BSD 3-clause license instead of GPL.   
  • Jeff Kantor , Mario Juric, : Investigate JIRA roadmap feature; reimplement LDM-240 as an export.  
  • Margaret Gelman: Work with Donald Petravick and Kian-Tat Lim to understand needs and responsibilities for NCSA epics/planning.  
  • Coordination standups remain on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 PT unless Unknown User (xiuqin) or Margaret communicate they have unavoidable conflicts.  
  • Gregory Dubois-FelsmannKian-Tat Lim Send pointers to camera software documentation to Don for use in security planning.  
  • Frossie Economou: Rename DM Dev Support HipChat room.
  • Kian-Tat Lim, Mario Juric, Jeff Kantor: Define if/when Frossie has to speak to others while experimenting with tools.   
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann: Complete "standards" report and issue personal recommendations 
  • Victor Krabbendam: After receiving Gregory report, work on communication an processes.  Clear up concerns stemming from Gregory's work 
  • Unknown User (xiuqin)xii: Plan in epics up to 3 months long with stories up to 20 story points long.  Understood that IPAC personnel velocity may be low due to sharing with other projects.   
  • Mario Juric: Decide if requesting (but not requiring) input of actual story points for bugs is acceptable 

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  1. Unknown User (xiuqin)

    Firefly package will use BSD 3-clause license.