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Merlin Fisher-Levine :

  • Poking people about AuxTel stuff in support of SIT-COM.
  • Has not been working on Spectractor for a while.
  • Spectractor needs:
    • Take “real data” files that Jeremy has processed and compare with results of running our Spectractor task on the same data.
    • Should correctly pull calspec standards, etc, from Simbad.
  • Merlin will make a ticket for this after the meeting.
  • Craig Lage has reappeared with his brighter-fatter work.
    • Needs some Merlin effort to clean up and merge.
    • Preferably before the cp_pipe gen3ification.
    • Two stages to this: sanity check and clean up Craig's work, then get it through DM review.
    • We discussed whether to have this through code review. Effectively agreed that Merlin's work is a review of Craig's algorithmic content, but it's useful for somebody else in DM to then review Merlin's implementation.
    • DM-18683.
    • Should aim to get this done in the next week (possibly modulo review).

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón :

  • Just got back from Princeton; it was a lot of fun.
  • Working with Nate and Chris Waters on converting PTC task into Gen3.
    • Will continue with this this week.
    • DM-21212, DM-21786.
    • Found a lot of middleware bugs.
    • As of this meeting, work on DM-21786 hasn't been pushed: Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón will push it this morning.
  • Merged basic version of PTC task (DM-20069).
  • Worked on columnar defects; in review, but with a lot of comments; this is second priority after the PTC Gen 3 conversion.
  • Nate has a useful Gen3 conversion tutorial.

John Swinbank :

  • DMLT next week; back on 4 November.