11:00 Eastern; 08:00 Project/Pacific Time. bluejeans.com/426716450



  • Discussed recruitment of graduate student in France; news is not encouraging.

Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • Spoke with Jérémy Neveu re Spectractor.
    • Put changes from DM-20823 on PR.
    • A bunch of negotiation / debugging with Jérémy followed; found some Python 3.6 vs 3.7 features.
    • Ultimately worked out well, and Jérémy is happy with Merlin's changes.
    • We will soon be tracking Spectractor master.
    • Jérémy is being very helpful! 
    • Jérémy is testing with CTIO 0.9m data; Merlin has this data on lsst-dev. Working on replicating Jérémy's workflow.
  • Still working on writing up what he's doing / planning to do in terms of AuxTel integration.
    • Aiming to write down what the ultimate success criteria are.
    • And make some Jira tickets!

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • DM-20069 in review; have some initial feedback from Chris Waters.
    • Still some work to be done.
    • Andrés has been running test data through this code.
  • Had a conversation with Pierre Astier about his code.
    • Has a preliminary version of this code running, but still needs more work.
  • Need to output linearity model from PTC task; Merlin Fisher-Levineowes us a ticket for this.
    • Output of this task should be input to a linearizer. 
    • Write “whatever doLinearity=True requires”.
    • Code to perform correction exists, but it requires inputs. The mission is to write them.
    • The algorithmic details of how the linearity model is generated are an implementation detail of the PTC task.