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Merlin Fisher-Levine —

  • Working on Spectractor dependencies on lsst-dev.
  • Last week was “slow and painful” due to temperature.
  • Has dealt with review of the defects code.
    • Now in “re-review”.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Porting the Pierres' code.
  • It seems to be running, but there are bugs.
  • May be helpful to get the data from the Pierre's to try it out.
    • But it's not clear that we have e.g. obs package support for this.
    • Will ask them for a sample file.
  • But in the short term, will continue moving ahead with the existing data (used for the previous ticket, DM-20069).
  • Will chat with Pierre Antilogus at the PCW.

Unknown User (aguyonnet) —

  • Has responded to Eli's review of the paper.
    • No response from him yet: he should be back from vacation tomorrow.
  • Can we pay $2000 for open access from the Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation? John Swinbank will find out.
    • Potential other option is Open Journal of Astrophysics, if that doesn't work.
  • Completed a ticket on giving the PCWG a timeseries of atmospheric transmission at LSST.
  • This week: writing funding proposal.
  • Maybe also seek out meteorological scientist for the author list (probably not), and thinking about further enhancements to the paper.
  • Some fixes needed to scripts for fetching MERRA2 data; will check with other collaborators that it works for them.