• Current status of  DM-12733 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Current status of AuxTel pipeline planning.
  • Tech note DMTN-097.

Meeting Notes

  • Unknown User (aguyonnet)  has been making good progress in understanding the 3D MERRA-2 data.
    • Part of the complexity is that the MERRA-2 folks don't bin the sky into bins of constant altitude, but rather take account of the underlying topography; this means that the integration has to vary with pointing.
    • Nevertheless, even without taking that into account he is getting better agreement between the 3D MERRA-2 data and the SNFactory data than he managed with the 2D data.
  • DMTN-097.
    • No progress in the last week.
    • We discussed the scope of this work. We agreed that this note should focus only on the strategy for using calibrated data from AuxTel to build an atmospheric model: it should not include details on how the AuxTel data is processed. (It might be appropriate to document that in another DMTN).
      • However, we note that the strategy might depend somewhat on the quality of the data reduction. In that case, we should document two (or more) options, and the criteria for deciding between them.
    • We agreed that DMTN-097 should focus on work being delivered by DM. However, we note that there is work being carried out outside DM which is very relevant (and which might save us effort in the long run). Unknown User (aguyonnet)will maintain a parallel version of this document which incorporates suggestions from outside the project.
  • Merlin Fisher-Levine has been investigating AuxTel data.
    • He was given a “good” dataset to help with development of the AuxTel pipeline (“atmospec”), and discovered unexpected bias effects in it.
    • We agreed that this should not derail continued pipeline development.
  • Bright-Fatter.
    • No progress on closing own the epic ( DM-12733 - Getting issue details... STATUS ); Merlin Fisher-Levine will spend some time on that following this meeting.