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Discussion Items

Project updates
  • More intense scrutiny in risk assessment next month. Especially in line with LCRs (LCR-2045, LCR-2148).
    • I think we have a few risks on hardware which now are pure Ops.
  • Dates — Joint (DOE/NSF) quarterly meeting in Chile April 27/28 - also AURA members rep meeting 28/29 April, Board meeting 30 April. Need to do open house (Leanne did last year). 
  • Directors Review week of July 20; Status Review Aug 30 (still provisional, but likely).
  • Ranpal —
    • IAU office of Astronomy for Development meeting in SA last week  - sustainable development and how astronomy can help. 
    • Today Transients 2020 started for the week - today data rights session from four perspectives.   Lively discussion . recommendations will be made. 
    • Potential unrest in Chile during April (referendum) - no solid plans yet from AURA/Ruben ob. Stay on mountain - go directly to the mountain.  
  • Jeff Barr —
    • Big mount pieces going in to dome - see webcam. Alison going perhaps in a couple of weeks with Stubbs/Lupton. 
    • All contracts for summit have been rebid and accepted (same providers)
    • Casino on summit  - concession  being recompeated 2 proposals are in. Question - why continue - could use Pachon Casino (distance and restricted schedule). We need the flexibility for probably 2 years.
  • Vincent — Refrigerant purchase from construction budget - would be enough for getting to nominal ops (3 full loads) .. need a load(charge) each 2 years in ops - Kevin and Vincent will get in touch with Phil
Viz on the mountain

RHL reports problems with Firefly on the mountain

  • I am not sure I expected firefly on the mountain
  • Were we evaluating Ginga / js9 as alternatives for more DM debug work?


  • Firefly is the best tool DM has for use on the mountain.
  • Nevertheless, not everybody expected to see it in use like this.
  • Making sure Nublado is available on the mountain will help alleviate these issues.
  • Some bug fixes are already being worked on, and that will continue, but resources at IPAC are limited.
  • Some requests are for work that are not funded through the existing plan.
  • Yusra AlSayyad — get the Image Display WG report published before the upcoming DMLT vF2F.  
  • John Swinbank — add a discussion of image display to the vF2F agenda.  
Supporting AuxTel activities

Suggestion of an auxtel-critical label that we review daily.

Frossie Economou suggests that a check-box would be better. Agreed to do that.

  • Frossie Economou — add a “critical for upcoming observing” checkbox to the DM Jira project.  
  • The next DMLT face-to-face meeting will be virtual (ie, on BlueJeans), and will take place from 25 to 27 February (ie in four weeks).
  • Note previously incorrectly advertised as 24 through 27; sorry for any confusion.
  • Details are on this Confluence page.
  • Please add your suggested agenda items to that page by 10 February.
  • RFC-666 - update of LDM-294 .. at least freshen for review season.. Leanne Guy includes SST org chart update
Level 2 Milestones

Test Plans due in the next 45 days

Milestones due in the next 45 days

Any other business
DMLT travel & availability this week
  • Michelle Butler on personal time off 2/4–2/11 (can be contacted if needed; just visiting family).  
  • Wil O'Mullane in South Africa (mostly working, but in a different timezone).
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann traveling to CT for the 100th birthday of my aunt 2/12-2/15.  I should be fully available remotely on Friday 2/14; W/Th 2/12-13 will be vacation time.



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