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From 9.00 to 09.30 PT, Wednesday January the 23rd.



DMCCB Meeting Goals

Discussion Items

ItemDescriptionCCB Notes
New Baselined Items
  • LDM documents
  • Products in the product tree

Changes to Baselined Items
  • LDM-533 (RFC-568)
  • LDM-294 (RFC-561)
  • (LDM-294): DMCCB changes are OK, Product Tree stuff need more work
    • Product Tree will be a continuous improvement process
  • (LDM-533):
    • Still level 1? Issue the document. In the long term the documents need to be reworked following the product tree.
    • The document to be approve as is.
  • (LDM-151): KT to finish it today

Changes to the planned releases
  • 17.0 planned for end of 2018, shifted at the beginning of 2019
  • LDM-564 need to be updated

  • work ongoing on the 17.0 blocking issues
    • to be accepted first.

Review / approve RFCs

Should we add a new status: "Ready for CCB"

  • Proposed / Flagged RFCs

  • no action from the CCB
  • to be discussed offline
  • no action from the CCB
  • no action from the CCB

Once RFC are adopted, TCAM/s need to ensure that they are implemented. To bring up at DMLT.

Adopted RFC that requires triggered issues:

Monitor Jira issues status

Support to J. Swinbank monitoring activity

  • 3526 Unresolved DM issues
  • the 10 oldest (last Updated in 2016 and 2017) per priority:
    • Blocker, last updated 2017/04/25
    • Blocker, last updated 2017/10/02
    • Blocker, last updated 2017/10/02
    • Critical, last updates 2016/03/03
    • Critical, last updated 2016/03/08
    • Critical, last updated 2016/04/08
    • Critical, last updated 2016/10/12
    • Critical, last updated 2017/03/08
    • Critical, last updated 2017/04/10
    • Critical, last updated 2017/09/11
  • comment added
  • comment added
  • issue closed as "Won't Fix"
  • issue closed as "Won't Fix"
  • issue closed as "Won't Fix"
  • changed to minor improvement; original bug was found to be invalid
  • comment added

Discussion on the reason to bring old issues at the attention of the DMCCB:

    • John Swinbank : DM is missing a definition of priorities
    • Wil O'Mullane : how are we dealing with real critical tickets from the mountain?
    • to be discussed at DMLT
    • to see SE approach about priority

For next DMCCB, to consider just the 10 oldest (the priority is not relevant).

DM Risks

DMCCB should monitor risks related to DM.

Risks managed in Jira RM project.

Meeting outcome