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SuperTask Introduction

Potential Prerequisites

  • RFC-352 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Command-line driver for single-SuperTask execution (single Quantum? multiple Quantum?)
    • single-SuperTask QuantumGraph generation (placeholder for preflight)
    • single-node QuantumGraph executor (extract from pipe.supertask.CmdLineFwk, polish)
  • ci_hsc refactoring?
  • LoadReferenceObjects refactoring
  • Exposure ID handling (in Gen3 Butler, in Tasks that make SourceCatalog IdFactory)
  • Call butler.get/put on DatasetRefs directly
  • Need to polish passing (output dataset only?) DataUnits to run() from runQuantum()
  • Syntactic sugar for ConfigFields of DatasetConfigs
  • Make "catalog.schema" datasets writeable with no units even when "catalog" does have units.

Proposed Conversion Pattern

  • Move all regular Task logic into a mix-in class with a run method that conforms to RFC-352.
  • New concrete CmdLineTask subclasses CmdLineTask base class and mix-in, implementing only runDataRef and CmdLineTask introspection methods.
  • New concrete SuperTask subclasses SuperTask base class and mix-in, implementing only runQuantum and SuperTask introspection methods.
  • Can use gen3-middleware branch (see Gen3 Middleware Software Stack) for now, but need to get daf_butler and pipe_supertask in lsst-distrib before conversion begins in earnest.

Other Considerations

  • Gen3 team will also need help with obs_* related work (YAML Camera persistence, afw::table::io Detector persistence, obs_* rewrites), and some of you may be needed more for that.
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